Dad, you really shouldn’t have.

Tom Brady Sr. weighed in on his quarterbacking son’s return to New England on Sunday, saying the Patriots no longer wanted him, and Tom Jr. was none too pleased.

“Comments made by Thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance-company CEO who should know better at this point in his life, doesn’t necessarily reflect the views or positions held by his son, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.,” Tom Jr. said on his “Let’s Go” podcast.

“So furthermore, should Tom Sr. continue to speak out on behalf of his son without the express written consent, Tom Jr. reserves the right to eventually put him in a home against his will.”


• At “Boxing has a new IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO heavyweight champion. WBC, CDC, FDA, XFL and PBS titles to be contested soon.”

• At “Injured Jaguar praying it’s season-ending.”

Penalty on the play

Officers at the Morrison Correctional Institution in Hoffman, N.C., made an odd discovery between the inner and outer fences of the prison: a football filled with tobacco, marijuana and crystal meth.

The intended receiver — an unnamed inmate — could face charges of accepting illegal contraband, not to mention a neutral-zone violation.


Pitching to contact

Talk about a costly one-hitter.

Brewers setup man Devin Williams, saying he had a few drinks celebrating the team’s division title, lost his temper, punched a wall, broke his hand and will likely miss the playoffs.

Prepare for takeoff

The newest team in the Cal Ripken Collegiate League in 2022: the Olney (Md.) Cropdusters.

They’ll build the team around fly-ball pitchers and spray hitters.

Urine trouble, buddy

Cowboys tackle La’el Collins — who missed seven scheduled drug tests — was given a five-game suspension for trying to bribe the NFL collector who came to take his sample, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

He was hoping they’d let him off with an illegal-procedure penalty.

Absentee ballots

Ex-White Sox slugger Frank Thomas has purchased majority ownership of the “Field of Dreams” movie site.


The sale was approved by a 24-3 vote of the ghosts in the cornfield.

Catfish out of the bag

Ben Tomkunas, 25, who caught what he thought was a Connecticut-record, 21.3-pound catfish Aug. 21, lost his state record when state Fish and Wildlife could not confirm whether it was a white catfish or a channel catfish.

That’s because he gave it to his grandfather, who ate it.


Suspended for skipping class? That’s so passe.

Georgia Southern nose tackle Gavin Adcock got suspended because he was caught on video — the morning of a game — guzzling a can of beer while standing on a moving bus.

Consolation prize

Tyler Pence became the first U.S. runner since 2001 to win the Quad Cities Marathon when the volunteer bicycle rider leading the two front-running Kenyans mistakenly went straight when he should have turned.

They lost out on the $3,000 first prize, but are considered the early favorites for this year’s Wrong-Way Kerrigan Award.


Longshot attempt

The NBA has denied Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins’ request for a vaccination exemption, leaving him ineligible to play home games.

“Hey, it was worth a shot,” he said.

Dropping the gloves

Don’t know about the IBF or WBA, but the WHL title belt belongs to the Vancouver Giants, after a cross-checking major assessed to Kyle Bochek against Victoria erupted into eight fighting majors and nine game misconducts.

And that was in a preseason game.

Talking the talk

• Retired sportswriter Greg Johns, via Facebook, after the Mariners beat the Athletics for the 12th straight time: “Now that the Mariners own the A’s, are they responsible for building a new stadium in Oakland?”

• RJ Currie of, on a telltale sign Ducks defenseman Jamie Drysdale is only 19: “He lost a tooth the other day and put it under his pillow.”

• @ThisAintLexOng, via Twitter, after the 0-3 Giants announced they would debut white pants in their game uniform: “Debut a @%!&# WIN. How bout that?”

Numbers racket

Emmitt Smith, the Cowboys Hall of Fame running back, is selling his longtime Dallas home for $2.2 million, a number chosen in honor of his jersey No. 22.

Prospective buyers should thank their lucky stars he wasn’t a defensive tackle.