Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said players need to "get back to basics'' in reviving the offense following the firings of coaches Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable this week.

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In the first extensive comments by a Seattle player in the wake of the firings of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line coach Tom Cable, receiver Doug Baldwin said Thursday that the blame for the team’s failures is mostly that of the players.

“It’s really not the coaching,’’ Baldwin said on the ESPN show First Take. “It’s really not anything other than us not executing.’’

Baldwin said he did not want to speak specifically to the decision to fire Cable and Bevell, who had been with the Seahawks since the year Baldwin arrived in 2011.

But when Baldwin did mention the two now-former Seattle coaches, he offered nothing but praise.

“I’m not going to speak specifically about those guys’ jobs,’’ Baldwin said. “But what I will say is that Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable, they were great human beings in the time that I got to know them. They were great people. Really enjoyed my time with them and got to know them as human begins, as men, and they really helped me, myself and Russell Wilson obviously in our development. So yeah there is part of that as well. … I give a lot of credit to Darrell Bevell and to Tom Cable for their work and their development of the players that they had that was available to them. They did an extraordinary job, and I do think as Bevell was our offensive coordinator we broke every record that the Seahawks had offensively. So there’s a lot to be said for that.’’

What Baldwin did seem to hint at is that the coaching changes could reinforce to the players the need to commit themselves more fully.

“I think it all trickles down from us is building our culture and our environment in the locker room and in this building, obviously, this facility,’’ Baldwin said. “And it starts with the top. Pete (Carroll) has done a tremendous job in the past of preaching his philosophy and what he wants and the culture and the environment.

“And us as players, we’ve got to go back to that. Go back to the basics and really buy in again, because the formula is there. Obviously it is there. We have been a very successful team the past six years, the past seven years. Been to the playoffs consistently. So the formula is still there. It’s just going back to the basics. I know a lot of people want to blow this up and make it bigger than what it is. But we are not going to panic. As players we know the formula. We know what we have ahead of us and we are just going to go out and do it.’’

And in an answer to a question about what the offense needs to improve next year, Baldwin largely reiterated what he had said late in the season that the Seahawks still have what it takes to be successful.

“We are pretty efficient when we execute,” he said. “I think that’s what it came down to. I know we can say ‘you need this, you need that. The offensive line this, the offensive line that.’ But if you watch the tape and you watch football and you know the ins and outs of our offense you know it’s really not the coaching. It’s really not anything other than us not executing. We have had a number of opportunities this year to win games and it’s come down to the stretch where it’s come down to a kick or converting a first down and the ball just hasn’t bounced our way this year. I know personally in 2013 the ball bounced our way several times, which afforded us an opportunity to go play in the Super Bowl. So again there are a lot of factors that go into it. It’s not clear cut. It’s not black and white. It’s just the nature of the game.”