The Seahawks couldn't contain Marcus Mariota, or any Titan, really, and fell to 1-2 on the season. Here's what people are saying.

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Even when the Seahawks offense gets rolling, Seattle apparently isn’t able to put together an entire game. Russell Wilson set or matched regular-season personal bests in passing yards, attempts and touchdowns — yet, the Seahawks fell to the Titans 33-27 in Tennessee, and dropped to 1-2 on the season.

DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry gashed the Seattle defense for 196 yards on the ground. Murray scored the difference-making TD on a 75-yard run toward the end of the third quarter to put Tennessee up 30-14. It was the longest run the Seahawks have allowed since 2009. That came a week after the 49ers’ Carlos Hyde broke off a 61-yard run last week.

Titans 33, Seahawks 27


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All in all, it didn’t elicit much confidence around social media. Here’s what people are saying:

The Titans dominated the time of possession in the first half, and the Seahawks’ offense didn’t get much going until it was too late — both in terms of a comeback and in resting its defense enough on a 90-degree and humid day in Nashville.

Unable to get off the field — or stay off it when they did — the Seahawks defense didn’t record a sack of Marcus Mariota and pressured him only twice on 37 dropbacks, according to Pro Football Focus.

It was a loss, sure, but it also made for one of the more interesting dichotomies to a Seahawks game in a long time.

And who can forget that ending? Down 33-20 about halfway through the fourth quarter, Wilson was bumrushed on second down and flagged for intentional grounding, creating a fourth-and-29. Instead of settling for a field goal to pull within 10 points, Wilson heaved a pass to the end zone that fell to the ground. Oh, and to end the game? Seattle was caught with 12 men on the field and didn’t get a final chance at the end zone.