The Miami Dolphins, the Seahawks' Week 1 opponent, are ranked among the bottom half of the league's teams.

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As they prepare to open their season Sunday against Miami at CenturyLink Field, the Seahawks sit atop several preseason NFL power rankings.

All of the media members in our survey of NFL power rankings have the Seahawks among the top four, with the exception of USA Today, which ranks them sixth.

Times staff reporter Jayson Jenks is among those who have the Seahawks ranked No. 1.

The Seahawks, after losing to Carolina in the playoffs last season, hope their retooled roster will lead them down the same path as some NFL dynasties that struggled at times.

They are seven-point favorites against the Dolphins. Kickoff is at 1:05 p.m., and CBS (Ch. 7) has the telecast.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are ranked as high as 19 and as low as 30 in our survey.

Here’s our roundup of preseason NFL power rankings:


Seahawks rank: 1.

Seahawks comment: The offensive line remains a huge question mark. No one argues that. But QB Russell Wilson is entering the prime of his career, and the defense should still be near the top of the NFL.

Dolphins rank: 23.

SI.COM (Chris Burke)

Seahawks rank: 4.

Seahawks comment: Elevating Seattle a few spots not because of preseason results (the Seahawks went 3–1) but because the offensive line looked less debacle-ish than it has in the past, at least on the interior. Even with a blocking-optional approach last season, Seattle boasted a top-five offense. Improvement up front could push Pete Carroll’s squad over the top.

Dolphins rank: 24.

Dolphins comment: Whenever discussion of a team’s playoff potential has to be prefaced by “If everything goes right,” said team usually does not fare well. Something always goes wrong, even for the best teams. So, sure, the Dolphins can make a run if everything goes right — Adam Gase turns Ryan Tannehill into a star, Arian Foster stays healthy, the secondary isn’t a wasteland, etc. However, this is not a roster that can withstand many hits.

Top 5: 1, Carolina; 2, Arizona; 3, Denver; 4, Seattle; 5, New England.


Seahawks rank: 1.

Seahawks comment: Russell Wilson set career highs in just about every passing category last season, but the top-ranked Seahawks would probably prefer to reduce his workload this season. Wilson is 14-10 in his career when throwing 30-plus passes in a game, and 32-8 when throwing fewer than 30 passes.

Dolphins rank: 21.

Dolphins comment: The Dolphins start their season on the road against the No. 1-ranked Seahawks and on the road against the No. 3-ranked Patriots. There’s a good chance the Dolphins will be lower than 21st in the rankings after that stretch.

Top 5: 1, Seattle; 2, Pittsburgh; 3, Arizona; 4, Carolina; 5, New England.


Seahawks rank: 1.

Seahawks comment: Their defense is still tops in the NFL and with their much-maligned offensive line suddenly looking strong, Russell Wilson has a real chance as an MVP candidate.

Dolphins rank: 29.

Dolphins comment: Adam Gase is a bright play-caller. He’s going to wish that the Dolphins still had Lamar Miller and Rishard Matthews, though.

Top 5: 1, Seattle; 2, Green Bay; 3, Arizona; 4, New England; 5, Cincinnati.


Seahawks rank: 6.

Seahawks comment: A suspect offensive line and Marshawn Lynch’s retirement leave the offense up in the air. Seattle is accustomed to letting the defense set the tone, though.

Dolphins rank: 26.

Dolphins comment: With thin run-game resources, the Dolphins will only go as far as QB Ryan Tannehill can take them. The coaching change and personnel changes on D leave this a franchise in flux.

Top 5: 1, Arizona; 2, New England; 3, Carolina; 4, Denver; 5, Pittsburgh.

NFL.COM (Elliot Harrison)

Seahawks rank: 3.

Seahawks comment: Planting Seattle at No. 3 brings back memories of the halcyon days of the Seahawks-49ers rivalry. The Week 1 Power Rankings from 2013 featured both of those teams — from the same division, mind you — ranking in the top three. Now the Seahawks and Cardinals will be duking it out for not only the NFC West, but the right to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson might offer the most homogenized-can’t-possibly-offend-anyone-appeal-to-all-markets-foreign-and-abroad-demographics-savvy-tapioca-puddin’-pie-we-are-the-world answers, but he suuuure looks ready to roll. By the way, while we’re all here: Thomas Rawls or Christine Michael?

Dolphins rank: 21.

Dolphins comment: What to make of the Dolphins? Miami is seemingly always mediocre, but most analysts are anticipating this team being under that threshold this season. The prognosticators see the Fins occupying the cellar in the AFC East. Yet, there were signs in the preseason that this team could surprise a few folks. With Tom Brady out four games in New England and the Bills losing players on defense to injury, suspension and, well, the Dolphins (offseason signee Mario Williams), this group could make hay in the division. Meanwhile, it’s nice that the current regime isn’t freaking out about Ryan Tannehill changing the play at the line. Nothing encourages players to look up to their quarterback like telling him his opinion on the field doesn’t matter.

Top 5: 1, Carolina; 2, Arizona; 3, Seattle; 4, Green Bay; 5, New England.

CBS SPORTS (Pete Prisco)

Seahawks rank: 4.

Seahawks comment: They will be right there with Arizona and will play better good football in the playoffs. The offensive line is key to the whole season. Will it be better?

Dolphins rank: 19.

Dolphins comment: First-year coach Adam Gase will make Ryan Tannehill a better player. But there are other issues on this roster.

Top 5: 1, Green Bay; 2, New England; 3, Arizona; 4, Seattle; 5, Cincinnati.

FOXSPORTS.COM (Cameron DaSilva)

Seahawks rank: 1.

Seahawks comment: The Seahawks enter the season as the best team in football. Despite losing Marshawn Lynch to retirement, Seattle is loaded at running back and Russell Wilson is building on a stellar second half of 2015. The Seahawks play in the NFC West, where the Cardinals also reside, but the rest of their schedule is favorable.

Dolphins rank: 25.

Dolphins comment: The Dolphins have talent at key spots – Ryan Tannehill, Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, Arian Foster – and have looked great in the preseason on offense, but the defense is filled with no-name players. The cornerback position is an absolute mess and the linebackers aren’t any better, despite having the oft-injured Kiko Alonso. The defense is just not good enough to stop anyone through the air.

Top 5: 1, Seattle; 2, New England; 3, Green Bay; 4, Carolina; 5, Arizona.


Seahawks rank: 4.

Seahawks comment: They got better last year after Marshawn Lynch was injured. Now that he’s gone for good, they may be as good as they were in 2013.

Dolphins rank: 19.

Dolphins comment: The Dolphins are on the right track. The question is how long it will take to get to the destination.

Top 5: 1, Denver; 2, Carolina; 3, New England; 4, Seattle; 5, Arizona.


Seahawks rank: 1.

Seahawks comment:  When you’re looking for the most well-rounded team in the NFL, it’s hard not to classify the Seattle Seahawks as that.  They have an elite quarterback in Russell Wilson, a budding star in wide receiver Doug Baldwin and a once-premier tight end in Jimmy Graham who is nearing a clean bill of health after tearing a patellar tendon in November.  On top of that, second-year man Tyler Lockett has shown flashes of creating a dangerous one-two punch with Baldwin on the outside. … While there might be questions raised about the backfield after the retirement of Marshawn Lynch, Thomas Rawls looks like he’s going to be the No. 1 man after overcoming a broken ankle suffered in December. … Rawls showed what he was capable of last year, leading the league with a 5.6 yards-per-carry mark on his way to 830 yards and four rushing touchdowns in 13 games. The NFL took a look back at his ability to blend agility and hard-nosed running, making him such a tough rusher to try and stop. … With an offense that looks solid heading toward 2016, the defense is expected to be among the best in the league once again. Since 2012, Seattle’s Legion of Boom has allowed the least amount points every season: All the big names, weather it be Michael Bennett or Kam Chancellor or Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas, will be back. And with that experience on hand, the Seahawks will surely be a tough side to score against for a fifth straight season.

Dolphins rank: 22 (no comment available).

Top 5: 1, Seattle; 2, New England; 3, Pittsburgh; 4, Arizona; 5, Carolina.

SB NATION (Ryan Van Bibber)

Seahawks rank: 3 (no comment).

Dolphins rank: 25.

Dolphins comment: Miami’s defensive front looks capable of giving the Patriots headaches, on paper. But their best hope for finally knocking New England out of the top spot in the AFC East rests on yet another attempt to get the most out of Ryan Tannehill.

Top 5: 1, Arizona; 2, New England; 3, Seattle; 4, Carolina; 5, Green Bay.


Seahawks rank: 4.

Seahawks comment: A mighty home-field edge and a defense that has led league in fewest points allowed four years in a row. And they will plug in Thomas Rawls for departed Marshawn Lynch without a hiccup. One concern: Russell Wilson’s offensive line isn’t great.

Dolphins rank: 19.

Dolphins comment: I really like Adam Gase as a coaching hire, as a QB guru who can get the most from Ryan Tannehill. Last year’s Fins underachieved under somnambulent Joe Philbin and should be improved enough under Gase to make a run at one of the last AFC playoff spots. And yet the national estimation of Miami by the NFL literati is modest, indeed. My No. 19 here is higher than most rate the Dolphins, and it’s understandable. This franchise hasn’t won a playoff game since 2000, Tannehill has yet to prove he can put a team on his back and Miami’s defense is ranked 28th (of 32) on fantasy boards. Here is an added problem as Fins scramble for one of six AFC playoff tickets: In addition to the AFC teams clearly superior, doormats-on-the-rise such as Oakland and Jacksonville also are now worthy challengers to Miami in the playoff race. Could make for Hard Luck season at Hard Rock Stadium.

Top 5: 1, Carolina; 2, Arizona; 3, New England; 4, Seattle; 5, Denver.


Seahawks rank: 2.

Seahawks comment: If the Seahawks can get Marshawn Lynch-like production out of their running back tandem of Thomas Rawls and Christine Michael, there’s no reason to think that Seattle, with Russell Wilson and that defense, won’t make a real run at Super Bowl LI. Oh and yes, like the Browns, the Seahawks have a ton of rookies on their active 53-man roster, too. The difference is, the Seahawks know a thing or two about winning.

Dolphins rank: 30.

Dolphins comment: From where we sit, the Dolphins will miss the postseason for the eighth straight year.

Top 5: 1, Arizona; 2, Seattle; 3, Pittsburgh; 4, Green Bay; 5, New England.