Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin talked about the win over the Steelers, his big touchdown at the end, and more.

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Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin talked about his big touchdown catch, the importance of third-down conversions, and more after Seattle’s 39-30 win over the Steelers Sunday.

(On the team’s performance…) “It was phenomenal. Being above .500 for once is a relief. It was a great team effort, the whole team. This is an unbelievable win for us. Don’t discredit the Steelers – they came in with a wonderful game plan and fought really hard – but fortunately enough we were able to pull it out.”

(On the 80-yard touchdown reception…) “I went out there, we lined up, I knew it was man-to-man right away – they had all of their defensive backs over – and I kept shaking my head like, ‘Russ, just give me a chance.’ And he did. He threw the ball a little early – it caught me – but he gave me a chance and I was able to make something happen with it.”

(On when he saw the ball on that catch…) “As late as you could possible imagine, but fortunately enough my hands were already low so I didn’t have to go far to catch it.”

(On the last time he scored three touchdowns…) “Little league, probably. I wasn’t a receiver then, I was a running back, so I had a lot more opportunities.”

(On if he learned to stiff arm from Marshawn Lynch…) “I don’t want to give him credit for that. That was the first time I have been able to get a stiff arm like that since college, so it meant something to me.”

(On third down conversions…) “It’s big. For us, I keep saying this to you guys, converting on third downs directly correlates to scoring. So when we are on the field, making plays and moving the chains, it gives us a chance to score points. It keeps the defense off the field, which gives us a chance to win ballgames. That’s how we play football. If we are converting like that on third down, we are doing pretty well.”

(On learning how to catch when seeing the ball late…) “Back in college, Andrew Luck used to have the ball catch me, so it was very reminiscent of those days.”

(On playing consistently as an offense…) “Yeah, we’ve been stressing it all along that we just have to play consistently. Making plays and making the most of those opportunities – and we have been doing that. It was four or five weeks ago when I said that we have to do better on third down, and we took that to heart. We’ve been doing that ever since.”

(On the offense beginning to click in recent weeks…) “We’ve got a lot of talent on our offensive side. Our running back, Thomas Rawls, has been unbelievable, and he adds a lot to that. We are able to make plays on the outside because of what our running game does. And obviously Russell Wilson is doing his magic when he has the ball in his hands.”

(On Russell Wilson’s focus…) “You could see in his eyes that he had that killer instinct, ‘I am going to go out there and do what I’ve got to do.’ That’s Russell Wilson – whenever his back is against the wall is when he plays his best. I wouldn’t count him out for anything.”

(On if Russell Wilson appeared to play sick…) “He had the sniffles, but he was alright.”

(On his conversation with Wilson after a bad pass…) “He said he was going to give me a better ball. Stuff like that happens. In the heat of the moment, you get frustrated because we’ve got to score points, you’ve got to put points on the board, and you want every opportunity. But that’s football. Everything is not going to go perfectly. He said he was going to give me a better ball, and he did. That’s all that matters.”