Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talked to the media about the win over the Steelers while battling an illness, as well as throwing a career-high five touchdown passes, and more.

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talked about overcoming flu-like symptoms to throw a career-high five touchdown passes, and more, when he met the media after Sunday’s 39-30 win over Pittsburgh:

(On how he is feeling…) “I’m feeling good. To get a huge win against a very, very good football team. I thought we were battle tested, we continue to stay the course, we found a way. If you’re asking how I’m feeling, it’s not too good, but you always feel a little better when you win, especially on your birthday.“

(On whether he was getting IVs during the game…) “I think I had three today. I’ve been up since pretty early this morning. I think just relying on my teammates to make plays for us, they did a phenomenal job. Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham had a lot of nice big catches for us. Obviously, to lose him really hurts. He’s such a great teammate. He’s a phenomenal football player, but an even better person. We just have to be there for him in that way. I thought a lot of the guys played well. I thought the offensive line was phenomenal. They blocked extremely well against a very, very good Steelers defense in their front 7 and what they do up front.”

(On the 80 yard touchdown… ) “It was man coverage. Doug did a good job of getting open there. I threw it quick to him, just so he could catch it and run. He made a phenomenal run. He got off the guy and just accelerated to the end zone. Just to see his speed there, obviously he can do so many things for us. You think over the past 4 years, Doug has been so clutch for us in so many different ways. He’s a phenomenal football player. He makes a lot of great plays out there, he knows what he’s doing. Jermaine Kearse, too, as well, those two guys, they really show up.”

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(On converting third and long…)   “When you’re Third and 10+, multiple times, you can’t check out. You have to stay the course, you have to believe that you can make the first down and find a way and just trust your reads and guys were getting open and making plays and getting first downs. I think we even got two touchdowns on third and long. That was huge. We have to do a better job that we don’t keep the game in third and long; that’s really tough to do. Guys made some great catches. Jermaine made that great catch down the sideline on that go route. Jimmy made some big time catches on third and long. Doug Baldwin had that touchdown catch in the red zone on third and long. We converted, but we don’t want to be in those situations.”

(On what got him through the day…) “Just the passion of the game and teammates. The fire that they all brought, and we all brought together. Love the game. When you love the game, you do anything to find a way.“

(On whether he had the flu…) “I don’t know yet. I have to figure out. I think just the flu. I ate something funny, I don’t know. Probably just the flu, though.”

(On when did it start…) “I was good last night. Then, this morning, I woke up at 5:45, and it didn’t look too good after that.”

(On his focus being more sharp today….) “I don’t know. Just being really focused on one play at a time. Not trying to change too much. I think that the thing we’re trying to focus on, trying to communicate is just stay the course. Play one play at a time, be in the moment. We were able to do that tonight across the board. The defense hung in there and they made some big time plays when we needed them. They got an interception there, and they made a couple of big interceptions against a very good Steelers team. It was a collective effort, and that was a lot of fun. It can’t get more fun. You have two great stellar football teams going after each other, and we were able to come out on top tonight.“

(On answering the Arizona game…) “That’s not my focus. I have to ignore the noise; good, bad or indifferent. You always want to respond, whether you have a great game or not so good of a game. You want to come back and keep fighting, and keep swinging and keep trusting the process and the journey. That’s what it’s all about. It’s a collective team effort, and we have to continue to grow, continue to build. I love that we were able to find a way to win tonight. But, we have to move on to the next week. “

(On whether the team is gaining momentum…) “You have to enjoy it. To win against a very tough football team like the Steelers, they played a phenomenal game all across the board the whole night. Does it gain momentum? It’s two wins, that’s what I know. I think that next week is going to be another tough matchup, and we just enjoy that week. Get ready for that week.   The separation is in the preparation. We have to do a great job of preparing for that. Hopefully, we can get a tough one on the road. ”

(On whether the offense proved something by winning a game like this…) “I thought we did a great job tonight on offense. We hung in there, kept battling. We played relentless football, and that’s how we have to play. It’s a collective team effort.”

(On whether it mattered to win in this manner…) “I think ultimately what matters is that we win. You can win in a lot of different ways, and we’ve won in a lot of different ways the past several years. I think that ultimately, the truth of it all is that we found a way to win. We made a lot of great plays. The wideouts were unbelievable tonight making catches. The tight ends too, as well. I thought Thomas Rawls ran it really well. Ultimately, the goal is to go 1 and 0 every week, and that’s what we were able to do tonight.”

(On what make the Baldwin and Kearse so valuable…) “I think the thing about Doug and Jermaine is that they’re so consistent. And they’re clutch, and they’re clutch in the big moments, and they rise to the occasion, and that’s what you love about them. Those guys, they love the football, they love making plays. They’re relentless, they fight for first downs, they fight for touchdowns. They work so hard every week in practice. Guys elevate because of those guys too, as well. Just watching those guys and their energy in practice, the way that they smile, the way they go to work every day, you get energy from that. You feel their passion, and that’s something we want to have across the board every day, every week, and that’s what we’ve been able to do. It’s a collective team effort, like I keep singing, and there’s a lot of guys on our team that do that. Those two guys, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, they definitely represent that.”

(On the improvement in the offensive line…) “You have to remember, we started off the season and played some very tough teams, in this whole season so far, and we had some guys move around and figure things out. We had to fight, we had to battle. I wouldn’t want to play behind anybody else. They fight their butts off every play. We made some really big time protection calls and guys blocked them up and we did some good things, and they gave me enough time to make some throws and we were able to capitalize on those third downs and we did great there, and we did great in the red zone, and even those third and long situations at the end of the game, we capitalized on those opportunities.”

(On Luke Willson stepping in….) “He’s a guy that works so hard, so when Luke gets in there it’s no surprise that he makes a lot of great plays. He understands our offense, understand what we’re going to do. To lose Jimmy today is a heartbreaker, because he’s such a great football player and a great person, and has become a great friend, too. Ultimately, the next guy has to step up and Luke Willson’s going to do a great job of that. Cooper Helfet too, he can play great football. Guys have to rise up the occasion.”

(On whether he is playing the best football of his career…) “When I look at it, you just want to stay the course. Not look too far. Take one game at a time. The momentum is going our way, and we have to keep it that way. That’s by the way we prepare, that’s why the way we continue to work. We have to step up all across the board.”

(On what Jimmy Graham brought that was less obvious…) “The expectations with Jimmy, I think he’s accomplished those.   Have we wanted to throw more touchdowns? Of course. We also run the ball extremely well down there, too. It’s a happy medium. I think he’s stepped up. Just watch the games, the catches he makes, the big first downs. All the plays, the energy that he brings. I think ultimately, what he’s brought to us, and I know he’ll continue to bring it, whether he’s hurt or not, no matter the circumstances, he’s a guy that’s going to love each guy. He’s a guy that’s going to bring the passion and bring the fire and keep guys heads up and he’s done that since day one since he’s gotten here. Ever since, I was able to call him the first day, he’s been that way. He’s a winner. That’s what we have in him, he’ll show that, no matter what the circumstances are for him. We’ll be there for him, too. We love him to death. He’s a great friend, a great player and great teammate. The family will come together in that way.”

(On how much sleep he got…) “I normally get more. But, I didn’t get too much tonight. You have to find a way to win, there’s no excuses for it. You have to find a way to win, and that’s what we did tonight.”

(On whether there is a chance he wasn’t going to play…) “I’m always going to play, no matter what the circumstances are. I’m going to find a way. That wasn’t my mindset, not at all.”

(On whether this was the toughest conditions for him to get through a game…) “Physically? I would probably say so. I haven’t felt too good. I think the key is to get some rest tonight, and recover and get back and ready for next week. We have to get ready to go as a team effort and that’s going to be fun. I can’t wait.”