Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talked about the maturation of the offense, beating the blitz, and more when he met the media following Sunday's win over the Vikings.

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Here is what Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had to say after Sunday’s 38-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings:

Q: Your team just about clicked in very phase of the game.

A: Yeah, we had a phenomenal week of practice and it starts there and then we came on the road in a tough environment, come here to Minnesota, they have been playing so well and we were able to capitalize an opportunity and that is what is comes down to. We were great on third down; we were great in the red zone. Defense was lights out; it was fun watching them, and so it was a great game.

Q: The 47 yard touchdown gets called back and then you throw it to Doug for a touchdown anyway. What does that say about your resilience?

A: I think we have been resilient all year, and it is really showing up now. We continue to stay the course and we have so many guys who can make so many different plays and so that’s the fun part. I thought we really were aggressive today and capitalized on our opportunities. Doug Baldwin who did a phenomenal route, got open, and scored that touchdown.

Q: Looking at your numbers over the past 3 games, you are completing 77 percent of your passes. What is the difference for you personally?

A: I think we are collectively playing better. I think it is one of those things that you just stay the course. We have not been that far off, just a play here, a play there, and I think we are continuing to progress; that’s the key. It is one game and that’s big for us. We won that game this week and we move on to next week.

Q: What changed this week during practices?

A: I don’t think anything changed and that’s the thing that I think is showing up is that we are not changing anything. We are just doing a little bit better. We are continuing to practice hard, we continue to believe in one another, and collectively as a group, everybody is fired up on the sidelines. It is special to watch. When the defense is out there we are fired up for the defense and when the offense it out there the defense is fired up for us. As a collective group I do not think we can play much better, we are looking forward to that; we are looking forward to putting everything together and continuing to build.

Q: Doug said that there was something tangible this week in practice that got their mojo back. Can you elaborate on that?

A: I think we are starting to put things together and its starting to show up. I think that we put all the hard work in and you want to see it on the field and I think it is starting to show up a little bit. Like I said, it’s one game and we have a lot more games to go. The exciting part is, that we came here in a tough environment, against a very good football team and we were able to win the football game, so that is key.

Q: Do you feel like you are playing the best from the pocket? What do you attribute that to?

A: That is all offensive line. They are doing a tremendous job protecting and allowing me to throw the ball at the right time to the right guy. The receivers are phenomenal; they are making plays all over the place, tight ends and running back as well. That’s really an attribute to the offensive line and just guys making plays.

Q: Are you making a conscious effort to step up in the pocket?

A: I think so. I just try to play the play. Obviously stepping up in the pocket is key. I think there is a happy medium just playing the plays as it comes to you. I think we are doing a great job of that.

Q: After they took the long touchdown run away from you, how did it feel to answer back the way you did?

A: I think on the touchdown run we did a great job of blocking and getting outside. I was able to pull it and get to the end zone but obviously we got the hold penalty, so, just coming back with that attack mentality. They were trying to bring in everyone on the blitz, and sure enough we were able to change the play to get something different, and Doug Baldwin got a touchdown for us. So that is big, to have that aggressive mentality but also to play smart football.

Q: Have you individually played at a higher level in the past few weeks?

A: Ultimately for me, I am taking it one week at a time. We are playing great football as a collective group. I want to continue to play at a high level and continue to give us a chance to win.

Q: You have had a few long touchdowns to Doug Baldwin when the other team is pressuring you. How much do you look forward when you see him in that situation?

A: Any time a team pressures you, you have a chance and a lot of green. Depending on if a guy makes a catch or breaks a tackle, so we do not fear pressure. The offensive line has done a tremendous job. It is all attributed to how strong they are playing, how firm they are being in the pocket, and just how we make decisions and throw the ball around.

Q: How does this two-game stretch compare offensively?

A: It is a good stretch, especially to get the wins against very tough teams, but we have another tough game next week. Hopefully we can put it together again and prepare for that. The only thing that matters is next week. That is our focus, and that has always been our focus to go 1-0. It sounds boring and cliché at times but if we can really wrap our mind around that it gives us a really good chance to be successful.