Game. Of. The. Year. The Seahawks and Texans exchanged seven lead changes, including four in the fourth quarter, before Seattle finally finished the job with 21 seconds to go. What a win! Here's what people are saying.

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It’s never easy for these Seahawks, is it? In their 41-38 win against the Texans Sunday, though, it was less their shortcomings and more the sensational play of Deshaun Watson, Houston’s rookie quarterback. But it was Russell Wilson who showed Watson who the premier playmaker still is.

For a moment, the Seahawks appeared doomed. Wilson had tossed a pick in the red zone with just over two minutes to go. But redemption was to be had.

Seattle’s D quickly got the ball back, and Wilson led a magnificent game-winning drive 80 yards down the field in 78 seconds, giving the Seahawks the decisive 41-38 lead with a touchdown to — who else — Jimmy Graham with 21 seconds left.

Wilson finished with 482 total yards, eclipsing his apparent protege on the opposite sideline on his final, game-winning drive. Watson totaled 469 on the day — and plenty of Russell Wilson comparisons.

There were any number of crazy plays in the 60 minutes of football, but Watson’s pirouette and pass to Lamar Miller that gave Houston a fourth-quarter lead (that was then lost, gained and lost once more in the nine minutes that remained) might top them all.

Things got weird in the Hawks’ Halloween game. Like, really weird. There were TDs, penalties and obscure plays galore. Earl Thomas got beat. Then he got revenge. Fullback Tre Madden (!) chugged his way 66 yards down the field. And Pete Carroll challenged his own quarterback’s incompletion into a fumble — that got Seattle a first down and eventually a touchdown!