This time, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and receiver Tyler Lockett connected on a long touchdown pass, this one good for 43 yards in the second quarter of a 20-3 victory over the 49ers.

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. — This time, Tyler Lockett was determined that there would be no overthrow.

In both of the past two weeks, Lockett and Russell Wilson had just missed connecting on a deep pass. On Sunday against Carolina, Wilson threw the ball 68 yards in the air, with the pass just sailing over Lockett’s hands.

Afterward, Lockett told Wilson not to worry, that the task was on the receiver to catch up to the ball.

“I told him to never underthrow me,’’ Lockett said.


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So as Lockett began to move off the line of scrimmage from the San Francisco 43 in what would turn out to be a 20-3 victory over the 49ers, he simply put his head down and ran.

“This time I made sure he wasn’t going to overthrow me, so I took off 40-45 yards before I looked back,’’ Lockett said.

When he did, he saw the ball and caught it, completing a play that gave the Seahawks a 17-0 lead with 2:44 remaining in the first half.

It was the first receiving touchdown of Lockett’s career, adding to a punt return and kickoff return for touchdown he had earlier.

“The ball hung up there for a long time, but it was one of those plays where I was like “I’ve gotta catch it,’ ” he said.

The pass came on a play-action as Wilson faked a handoff to Marshawn Lynch and then wheeled left to throw it to Lockett.

“The execution of the big play was perfect,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “Really a beautiful job of protection and the quarterback throwing it and him running the route to get open and the execution of the catch, too, was challenging in the back end. Just a beautiful play for us. One of the best plays of the year for us.”

Jackson: Accident ‘a small thing’

Seahawks running back Fred Jackson said he did not believe his car crash outside the team’s facility in Renton on Tuesday was a distraction leading up to Thursday’s game.

“It was a small thing that happened,” Jackson said after the game, adding: “It was just one of those things, it happened. But we were able to come out here and get a win today, so that’s good.”

Renton police cited Jackson for inattentive driving, which carries a $175 fine. reported that drag racing was the cause of the accident, a report that Renton police denied.

Carroll ‘disappointed’ in Wilson interception

What Carroll appeared to think was the biggest disappointment of a mostly feel-good night was an interception thrown by Wilson in the third quarter when he tried to hit Jermaine Kearse deep down the field but overthrew him, with Kenneth Acker instead picking it off.

“Really disappointed in the long ball,” Carroll said. “That’s too bad. We didn’t need to do that. He thought he had something. But we don’t need to throw the ball like that.’’

Carroll noted that the last time he had seen Wilson throw such an interception was in his first game in 2012 at Arizona.

“He doesn’t need to throw the ball like that,’’ Carroll said.

Said Wilson: “We were rolling, and then I tried to give Kearse a chance down the field and they made a good play on it. I think (Kearse) thought I was scrambling so he kind of got confused out there. ‘’

Wilson also was picked off late in the first half when he tried to hit Doug Baldwin in the end zone with Brock picking it off.

Carroll said Wilson “lost track of what was going on’’ on that one.

Said Wilson: “I had to kind of run away and (was) just a hair bit late.’’


• Carroll said the only injury of the game was suffered by running back Thomas Rawls, who he said had a calf strain or possibly a bruise.

• Carroll said the team rotated some at right tackle, with Garry Gilliam starting but Alvin Bailey also stepping in for a few series, because Gilliam had a sore ankle and the team did not want to “give Garry the burden of the whole game.’’ Carroll noted that both players struggled some and said, “We need to do better on that edge.’’

• Wilson fell awkwardly on a scramble on the turf in the second half, and Carroll said the Levi’s Stadium turf — which has been oft-criticized — might have played a role. “He felt like the turf really gave out on him when he was trying to slide right there,’’ Carroll said. “Was a little bit dangerous there.”