Seattle defensive lineman Michael Bennett stepped into the waters of politics Wednesday saying he plans to vote for Bernie Sanders for president.

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Many athletes choose to keep political leanings and other sensitive topics to themselves. But it has been clear for a while that Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett is not like many athletes.

And on Wednesday, when Bennett stepped in front of the cameras for a group session with the media, he did so wearing a Bernie Sanders hat adorned with a “Bernie” button.

“I’m going to vote for Bernie Sanders next year if he’s a candidate (for President),’’ Bennett said. “He’s my pick, my choice so I’m wearing the hat that I got from him.’’

Why Sanders?

“I just like a lot of the things that he talks about, social injustice, the things about climate control and just a lot of different things that he does,’’ Bennett said. “I just think he’s an honest guy and one of the main people that really has a platform to really tell the truth to the people. And I think that’s what people need to hear is the honest truth and not so much hate from like Donald Trump and people like that and not so much about war but improving the people and improving the economy and just living good.’’

Bennett said he knows he’s likely to hear about it from people who don’t agree but added that he doesn’t care.

“For me it’s just my opinion and who I like and what I like,’’ he said. “Some people like red, some people like blue. I just happen to like Bernie Sanders.’’

Bennett said politics “is always a discussion in the locker room, especially among my peers, (Brandon) Mebane and Cliff Avril and Richard Sherman. We always talk about politics. It has a lot to do with what goes on around the world.We like to talk about it and like to be a part of it.”

Do they all agree?

“No,” Bennett said. “We never see eye to eye.”