Here are highlights of Seattle coach Pete Carroll's regular Wednesday press conference, talking about the Vikings, giving injury updates, and more.

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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked during his regular Wednesday press conference about the team’s matchup with Minnesota Sunday, what has gone right with the offense lately, and much more. Here are some transcripted highlights:

(Open) “We’re looking at a really good matchup this week. We’re going to see a team in the Vikings that has a real similar formula to us. They run the ball, they play good defense, they’re focused on their special teams stuff. They don’t turn the ball over much. They take the ball away pretty well. There’s a lot of really cool things that match this thing up. They’re having a terrific season, so here we go with a great matchup going to Minnesota. We’re looking forward to it, and we need to get right and get ready to get on the road. We kind of got comfortable here at home for a few weeks, so now we start the road season again. So looking forward to it.”

(On defending Adrian Peterson) “He poses every problem you could ever want. Adrian is a fantastic football player. He’s always been an explosive, dynamic, physical, come-through guy, big-play guy, everything. They know it, they feature him exactly like you’d think they should. They’re going to come at you and you better get the line of scrimmage right. So that’s a huge challenge for us. They block well, they’ve got good schemes. It’s very difficult. So the whole game for us defensively starts there, and we have to begin there.”

(On Jimmy Graham) “He’s having surgery today if all guys right with the meetings that he had this morning. He’s back on the east coast, so we’ll know more about it when we hear from them.”

(On if he expects Jimmy Graham to be ready for the start of next season) “Yes. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m saying yes. Very optimistic at this point.”

(On signing TE Chase Coffman) “Really we’ve had him on our chart here for a while in case we needed a guy. He’s a tall guy, good catcher, has been a guy that we think can fit with the stuff that we need him to do. So we’ve kind of had our eye on him for a while in case we needed somebody.”

(On how Brandon Mebane has played this season) “He’s been really solid. He’s been right there in the middle of everything, and doing just a workman’s job every time we go out, and we really count on him. Maybe it has been a little bit quiet, you look for the sacks and stuff. He’s never been a big sack guy, but I don’t know what we would do without him the way he plays. He really starts everything right in the middle. So he’s been very solid, very consistent.”

(On what Minnesota has asked QB Teddy Bridgewater to do this season) “They’re a run team, so they do play-pass quite a bit. And their quarterback moves some, Teddy’s a good runner with the ball when he needs to be. You can see they don’t want to turn the football over, so they want to make sure that they continue to make yards. He moves the ball around a lot and dumps the ball down a lot. They’ve gotten a pretty good explosive number in general, so they still make plays down the field. But I think they want him to manage the game and do a good job of being really disciplined and strict, and he’s doing that very well.”

(On what has helped the Seahawks offense against the blitz recently) “I think that the confidence to see things well, and not be surprised by the pressures that are coming has allowed us to keep really on rhythm. We’ve been very quick with the football. It’s really important that we continue to do that. I think that’s Russell at his best in the pocket. So that’s identifying properly so we don’t get surprised, and then just the execution that follows that. So I think it’s just growth that has brought us to this point. Hopefully we can continue.”

(On releasing C Drew Nowak) “Well we needed to make a spot. The fact that Patrick [Lewis] has done well and Lem [Lemuel Jeanpierre] can play guard and center, that’s a big deal for us. He can be on the active list and play more than one spot. When you get one spot only, it does limit you some. So it’s hard to be a backup in this system, you’ve got to be a starter for the most part. We’re activating seven lineman basically every week, so we’ve got to have flexibility in the backup guys. We still think he [Nowak] has a chance to play for us. Hopefully we’ll get him back eventually.”

(On how disappointing it is to have invested that time in Nowak and then release him) “Way beyond that thought right now. That was some time ago that we had to make a change. We made a change. The competitive environment that we’ve created allowed a guy to have a shot. He took advantage of it and that’s how it played out.”

(On the red zone success in recent games) “I think it’s the focus. I think it goes back to the protection improvement that has allowed us to convert on third down. We were always bellyaching kind of about our third down conversions down there that was keeping us from going. Third down numbers are up too, so that’s helped us quite a bit.”

(On what are the causes when the offense gets out of rhythm) “Usually it’s that we’re not on time, and the ball’s not out. We do a variety of things in the passing game, and some of it is called on to be very quick and very rhythmical. Then we do some play-action stuff that we’re all over the field with Russell [Wilson], and we do some real deep sets with the quarterback on other play-actions and stuff. But I think it comes back to the timing stuff that we need, because that’s what you need to go to on third down and when you have to throw the football. So that’s the area that would be the problem.”

(On if much will change without having Jimmy Graham) “No, we’re not going to change. It may seem like it, but we didn’t really change when Jimmy got here in essence, we just wanted to get the football there. We always thought we had the routes and the concepts to call on, and we just needed to put them in position so we could get that done. So we’re not going to change much. I don’t see us changing at all really.”

(On if Jimmy Graham is an example of not wanting to feature a player too much in case they go out) “Yes, it is that.”

(On the recent blocked PAT’s and the NFL’s decision to move the PAT back) “We have kicked the ball low a couple times. It’s simply that. I guess the league wanted to create more interest, and I think that’s what this has done. As we get later in the season and the weather changes outdoors, and the winds and all that kind of stuff, I think it’s going to be more of a factor in the decision making. So it’s made for an interesting addition to the game. It’s relative and all, I don’t have a big opinion on we shouldn’t be doing or we should be, I don’t care. It’s just what the rules are so we do it. But I think it has created more interest. I don’t know what the numbers are on misses this year but it’s up tremendously over what it has been. The numbers are about 96 percent or something, whatever it was. So I think it’s okay.”

(On if he is more tempted to go for two points since the PAT has been moved back) “Sure. Yeah, it’s a big field goal. It’s not an easy kick from there. Again, when the weather adds the factors as well, it’s going to be even more of a decision. I think you’ll see that much more so here in the final month of the season.”

(On if it is difficult to change starters midseason) “I think it’s all up to the individual. I don’t think it’s this way or that way. We’re battling, we’re trying to get better, and we’re going to look at all times to see if we can improve in some way. That’s what competing is for us. You’re striving to get better at stuff. It’s not always the news that somebody wants to hear, but it’s also the news that somebody else wants to here. They want to get their shot. There’s always a give and take there, and managing it is important and dealing with the guys is important.”

(On how important the practice squad is for competition) “I think if you respect that group of guys, and you regard them in a way that you give them the opportunities, you watch them and you evaluate them, you work with them to improve them, you stay extra with those guys, you don’t just leave them as the backup guys and forget about them. We don’t do that at all, we’re developing every guy on the roster. Our practice squad guys travel with us on every game. We take them with us, we want them to be a part of what’s going on and connected. Because we find out more thing about them when they’re with us longer and all of that. We invest in our practice squad guys in hopes that things will happen and guys will be available, and with the thought that they could jump in there and help us. So that’s really important to us. And they are a good factor too, because they are kind of the young guys and they’re pushing for it. When they do make their move and they get their chance, it’s a big deal to the other guys on the roster. They always cheer for them and they’re excited to see them have the chance to step up and all of that. So I think the whole dynamic of that is very important for them as a part of the makeup of the team.”

(On how Luke Willson has developed as an overall tight end) “He certainly has. He’s become a regular blocker in our system. The speed, the route running, the catching that he does is one part of it, but he’s an all-around tight end and he can do all of the stuff we want him to do. He continues to find ways to get better, and he’s really a dogged competitor. This guy really brings it every day. It really matter to him to see if he can find a way to help us and to improve. So he’s become a real all-around, general tight end, can do it all and we’re excited to have him. We’re going to use him a lot too, he’ll be involved in everything.”

(On if Cary Williams will be on the active roster next week) “You’ll have to wait and see.”

(On what being inactive last week did to Williams) “I think the challenge of just being a competitor. He wants to get back in there and wants to do his thing. So I think it’s easy to understand that.”

(On how he evaluates passing yards and what he uses to determine how the defense is playing) “Well it’s always about how the games are going. Are they contributing to winning the game, are they making the plays we need to. When you run the ball 14 times in a game, you’re committed to throwing it. If that’s what happens, and that did, we saw a guy almost throw it 60 times against us, you’re going to get a lot of yards. That’s just what’s going to happen. They’re going to dump the ball off instead of running it. They’re going to tack up a bunch of yards. When the turnovers happen and they come back off, they’re going to get some chances. We scored fast as well sometimes in the game and they got back on the field again. So as time of possession can be misleading, as can the yards in the passing game. So it’s really the overall effectiveness how they’re adding to the win in our efforts. Our guys are still doing a lot of good stuff and causing a lot of problems. I think the fact that the turnovers showed up, and hopefully we can carry this on and continue to turn the ball over against our opponents. It will just create more opportunities for us to do dynamic things with the football on the other side. We scored every time we had a turnover, which was a great turnaround for the offense as well. They capitalized on the momentum of that, we all did. So there’s a lot of factors that go in.”

(On the Seahawks playing in game with a score never seen before in the NFL every year since Pete Carroll became Head Coach) “I like that record too, I really like that. I did hear that. I really like that record. It seems like 16’s and 36’s or something are really good numbers to find those. Most people wouldn’t even know what you just said, but something happens that the end result, the score, has never happened before in a game, that’s what it is. That’s a really weird stat, like you said. I think it’s kind of cool though. How do you do that six years in a row? I don’t know.”

(On where Will Tukuafu and Demarcus Dobbs are in the concussion protocol) “Yeah, both those guys are making progress. They’re not ruled out yet, so we’ll see how that goes. Both those guys have had good results from the testing that they’ve gone through.”

(On how Jeremy Lane is feeling) “He’s a little stove-up from the game, but he’s ready to go. He’s kind of normal.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch is back in town) “No he’s still there. He’s still there under the guidance of their rehab, at the other end of the country.”

(On Earl Thomas’ game against the Steelers) “He was just trying too hard. Just trying to make some plays. That’s always Earl’s issue, because he wants to do so much, sometimes he’ll go after something that he could have bypassed and overlooked, and stayed away from. That’s his nature. We’ve coached him in this regard for a long time and we know what he’s like. It’s all for the right reasons. He wants to be great and he wants to do things and help us win and all that, but sometimes it gets the better of him. That’s all, that’s all this is.”

(On what kind of input Russell Wilson has in the gameplan every week) “Just I think typical input, in that when we install stuff and create stuff for the gameplan, we make sure that he’s comfortable with it. I think most everybody does that with the quarterback. He and I meet on Mondays. We talk about stuff that happened the week past and what’s coming up so I can get a feel for what’s going on. But basically, he executes our gameplan. But he has say so, if he doesn’t understand something, he doesn’t feel comfortable about something, we need to know that. That’s kind of been a long-standing process of putting the gameplan together with QB’s.”

(On how he would assess the Jimmy Graham trade now that his season is over) “Oh I love him on our team. I love the guy on our team. He’s a terrific teammate. He brings character and personality to our team. He’s a dynamic player. I can only see for really cool things to happen in the future. I think it’s going to be a great long-term decision that we made. We’re really happy to have them. We miss the heck out of him.”

(On if it will be special to go to Minnesota after coaching there in the late 80’s) “Yeah, it still is. We had five years there and some really fun times. One of my favorite stops because of Bud [Grant] and being around him and all that. He’s fired up. I talked to him he’s ready to go. He’s going to be there giving us – unless something happens – meaning that something opens up in fishing or in hunting, that he gets a moment where he has to get out of there. Other than that, he’ll be there. I don’t know how he does it, he’s listening to the winds or something like that. He gets some kind of feeling and he’s got to go. So if he has to go, he’s got to go. Other than that, he’ll be around.”

(On how often he and Bud Grant talk) “A couple times a year. Kind of stay in touch with whatever. He was quick to tell me that he’s 88 years old. I know he’s telling me that because he’s getting around and he’s doing lots of stuff and he’s kind of rubbing it in that he can still do whatever he wants to do. So he sounded great, and I look forward to seeing him.”

(On if it will be different to play outside in Minnesota) “Yeah, a little bit. Even though we have to do it anyway wherever we go and all that, but the Metrodome, that was a real fixture. I wasn’t there when they played outside at the old stadium, so I just heard the stories about it. But we’re catching them at a pretty good time in terms of the weather. I think the weather’s going to be very similar to how it’s been the last couple weeks here. So we won’t get the real wrath of it. But yeah, it is a little different, and I think it’s good. I like it.”