Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he thinks the team has a bright future despite the disappointing ending to the 2015 season.

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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll met the media for one last time Monday this season.

Here are highlights:

(Opening statement:) “Well today’s a pretty tough day coming off the loss in Carolina. We’re very disappointed about the outcome of the game, and kind of the way it came down. Obviously disappointed about the fact that they jumped out on us, and then we were able to regain a shot at the game, but it was too late. So we’re very disappointed in that. It was an interesting start, in that it was almost like it was chaos. Things were happening in all directions. For them to break a big play like that, we don’t have that. That was the one explosive run they have for the day. We just haven’t seen many things happen like that in the past. And then for us to turn the ball over and it turns into a score, it’s just so rare that that happens. But those are the kinds of plays that give a team an advantage that they can really jump on, and now we do it at their place, and they’re crazed and going nuts, and all that. We made it as hard as we could’ve possibly made it. So by the time we got right, really by the end of the second quarter, we were able to stop them. Maybe they didn’t feel like they had to score, but I think they were trying, it seemed like they were. We were able to stop them and give ourselves a chance to get back in the game, almost. So very disappointing that it came out like that. We come out of the game with an interesting mentality, sharing with the players today too, that we realize that we were capable of playing with them. We could have given ourselves a chance to win the football game had we gotten our act together earlier. They kind of understood that this season was one that we didn’t quite capture all of the opportunities that were there. We know that there’s a lot of future, and there’s a big upside for us. I think Sherm [Richard Sherman] said some things to that effect when he was interviewed last night, that this is a very young club. We have leadership, and big time players, and leadership from the quarterback position, which is so hard to find. The connection of what these guys are like on defense really gives us a hope that as we go into this offseason, that we’re going to do something really special in the future, and continue to work at that. So more than you might think, everybody left here with the thought of let’s have a great offseason, and let’s get this thing cranked up and let’s go. They were already thinking that way. They’re ready to turn the page and want to get going. We feel pretty fortunate that we’re pretty healthy going into the offseason, and there’s a lot of guys that don’t have to have the surgeries that they’ll have to work through and all of that. We’ll know more about that in the next couple days, and see how the exit physicals turned out. But it leaves us in a frame of mind of looking ahead. I think we said that it’s somewhat reminiscent of coming out of the Atlanta loss. So we’re going to try to build on this thing and really go for it again, and have a great offseason with very high hopes for the future, and kick this thing into high gear when we get the chance when we come back in April.”

(On how critical the 86-yard touchdown drive was for the Panthers early in the game:) “Yeah, I think if you look back, I think we had 11 offensive plays when it was 31-0. I don’t even know how that could happen, but it did. Every opportunity that we had was crucial. Any one of them. The great play that they make on third-and-long on the touchdown pass to Greg Olsen was a huge play that they turned out. And that’s the winning margin even, so any of those drives, any one of those opportunities, they’re all huge. You pointed out one of them, we could have stopped them on third down which we didn’t, we could have kept the ball longer so that they didn’t get it, so that’s pretty clear.”

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(On what happened on RB Jonathan Stewart’s big run and LB Luke Kuechly’s interception for a touchdown:) “Yeah, unfortunately we didn’t read the play well. It was just a new, little wrinkle that they put in. We didn’t read the play well at the linebacker spot, and Earl [Thomas] came up to make the tackle for a seven or eight yard gain like we normally do, and he slipped and fell and wasn’t able to make the play. That’s a normal, nice play for them, and then you tackle him and you go on. We were so good at that, and so consistent at that, that it really jumps out at you when that happens. I said there was one explosive run in the game, and that was it. From that point on they rushed for 80 yards, for a whole day of 40 runs. There was 40 other runs to get 80 yards. So it hurt because the field shift, we had a great opportunity the next play, Michael Bennett knocks the ball on the ground and it gets kicked around, and they wind up getting it back. That’s how things happen in the game, and those plays that kind of get forgotten, but also were the ones that could have been significant. We had a shot. On the other one, on the interception, we were rushed. Russ [Russell Wilson], he got a flash of Marshawn [Lynch] checking down, and he tried to get rid of the football, and it just didn’t hit right. The decision didn’t work out, and it goes right to [Luke] Kuechly for a touchdown. That’s about as huge a turnaround, bang, bang, as you could put up, and we did it. It didn’t wreck us for the day, it just made it really difficult, and they were too good for us to get back in it.”

(On if there is anything that surprised him about the season as he looks back at it:) “Well, to me it’s pretty obvious, the season as it came off. In that really talking about it, and comparing this game and the season, was kind of fitting. We struggled early, and we were really coming out of the last season. It didn’t go away just automatically, just like the year before didn’t either. By the time we got right, we had taken our lumps, and we had put ourselves in a position in our division at a very difficult setting because Arizona had started so fast. So we were trying to catch up the whole time. It was very much like yesterday, we were catching up the whole season.”

(On if it was hard to see that last year’s Super Bowl was effecting the beginning of this season at that time:) “Well I was trying to not bring it to light any more than I had to, because I was working with it the whole time. This was no surprise. I continue to remind you guys that it’s the same kind of bulk issue that you have to deal with when you win too. You still have problems and concerns that serve as distractions that you have to push aside. We’ve been through it. We’ve really seen what that’s all about, and we’ve learned from it, and our players know. They know what we went through and all. We were actively working to clear our minds, and to clear our focus, and to get right, and it just took a while. It took a while to work our way through it, and as we had said, it comes down to individual guys have to make it through. The coaches have to make it through it, and we have to put it behind us. Otherwise, you’re distracted, and your performance comes out less than everything that you have, and that’s why we saw games like that. Because you saw us turn out, and you saw how well we played for such a long time, and you can see the potential of this team. The exciting part of that is that our team knows that. They saw that. So that’s why we’re moving ahead, I think from a very, very good starting point, beginning today.”

(On if will be easier to go into next season that it was to go into this season:) “It’s not the same. This is not the same. It will be a different season, as they all are different. There’s similarities, but this one’s different. We’ll watch how the offseason goes, and I’ll be totally on point watching what is going to occur as we go through it, but I don’t foresee anywhere near the effect of coming off the season. That’s why I go back to Atlanta, I think it feels more like that season. We’re very disappointed about the outcome, but yet knowing that we have a chance to be really good. That’s really valuable going into the offseason, as well as being healthy, is a great asset.”

(On if there is anything the team needs to address personnel-wise:) “Really like our team. Yeah, there’s some stuff, there’s always stuff, but I really like our team. I like the balance of it. I like the youth of it. The attitude, the mentality, the toughness, but it needs to be more competitive in a number of spots. So that’s what the draft will do. That’s what putting the roster together will do. I’m not able at this time to talk to you about any individual guys because it’s today, it’s Monday, we don’t know anything yet, how we’re going to get through all of this. But we have issues, like we do every season. There’s difficult decisions that we’ll have to make, and we’ll make them, and we’ll move forward in hopes of making our roster more competitive. There’s a lot of guys on this roster right now, the young guys that you don’t know a lot about, that I think have a chance to really push other guys that are on our team right now. It’s an exciting group of young athletes, and speed, and mentality, and stuff that will have a chance to maybe give us a boost. So that’s part of it, and then the draft, and whatever else we can do there, will also fit in. Then we’ll come back and try to make this the most competitive camp we’ve ever had, and see what that leaves us with. I think that’s going to leave us with a pretty strong group. But we have some areas that we want to work on for sure.”

(On how good it will be to get Thomas Rawls back next season:) “It’s going to be great. He had a fantastic start, and he has a great attitude as you witnessed again today. He’s a great kid. It will be really fun to put him back out there and see how he does. Now we know what we have, so it’ll be even more exciting. He’s confident that he’ll get it done, and he’s got plenty of time. So that should be a really interesting spot.”

(On what effect Kam Chancellor’s holdout had on him as a player and the season:) “Well I think it was hard for him to just – he had to endure the starting part of the camp in-season. You do that in preseason. You get two weeks, and then you get another four games. You get six weeks, and then the seventh week. He had to just go through that with us, and playing a lot of plays too. Usually you can ease into that, so it was more taxing on his body. He handled it well. He dealt with it very well. His attitude was good, but still it’s demanding. It’s a lot to ask of somebody. It was like if you just started playing, what’s going to be the fallout of that. So he had to endure that, and stay the course and all that, and he did a nice job of doing that.”

(On if he anticipates similar contract discussions with Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett this offseason:) “There’s all kinds of stuff we’re going to be working on. There’s tons of stuff. I’m not going to single anything out right now because there’s no way I can do that and be talking straight with you, because I don’t know. We don’t know at this point. We have a lot of thoughts, and we’re just going to start putting them together over the next few weeks and all.”

(On where he feels the offensive line is at right now:) “Well I think it’s still a work in progress. I don’t think we’ve nailed it yet. I think this needs to be a really competitive spot again, and we’re going to work really hard to build it up. For the course of the season we weren’t consistent enough. We found a real good rhythm, but we can’t start and go through that again. We don’t want to have to experience that if we can avoid it. I think that’s a real area of focus again, so we’ll be talking about it. We’ve got a couple unrestricted guys there, we’re going to have to deal with how that’s going to work out. There’s just stuff that we’re going to have to work through. But we are young, and we are athletic, and we do like our guys. I like the fact that [Mark] Glowinski got a chance to play. We’ll see how all that works out, and it’ll be exciting. It’s a really important area for us, of course.”

(On how much of a difference Patrick Lewis made when he took the starting job at center:) “Patrick did a nice job. He really did. He did a solid job for us all throughout. That changed kind of accompanied the time when we got better, we all recognized that. I think just his comfort with the spot helped us. We didn’t need him to be the best center in the NFL, we needed him to be a solid guy. He contributed to it and became a very good part of it.”

(On if the three offensive linemen they drafted last year will compete for starting spots next season:) “Yeah, and at that position in particular, yeah. Kristjan Sokoli, I’m really excited about what he can do. But he’s a transition guy, and we decided not to try and force the issue with him to try to make him play right now. He needs a whole other year to get through this, and then we’ll see where he is. He’s an exceptional athlete. I want to see him play center, I want to see how he does there as he grows through it, and just see how much ground he can make up, and see where that leaves us. We’ll have one of the really good athletes at center if that’s where he winds up playing. He’s fast, he’s quick, he’s athletic, and all of that. But the transition, it’s more than just sticking him out there. We did that with Sweez [J.R. Sweezy] and that was hard, that was hard on him. So we’ll see, hopefully we’ve learned how to do this, and we’ll make good progress with that.”

(On what his gut feeling is on whether Marshawn Lynch will play for the team next year:) “I don’t know how that’s going to go. I don’t know how any of these guys are going to go right now. Don’t know.”

(On how Lynch fits into the offensive system now after not playing for half the season:) “We’ll figure it out. It depends on how he comes back, and how he works at it, and all that kind of stuff. He had a difficult year physically. He’s never been having to recover from an injury like that, he’s never had to deal with that kind of process. He made it back. To his credit he certainly worked hard to get back, and he made it back to play, it just was a terrible opportunity for him to have a chance to have an impact in the game.”

(On Jimmy Graham’s rehabilitation:) “Sounds really good. He’s thrilled to be off of the crutches and he’s getting going. He’s very dedicated to the process of it. He’s doing some really cool, innovative things. He’s doing all of the stuff you could possibly do to get well. He’s back in Florida right now, doing some things. He’s such a great athlete, he’s dedicated to it, it matters to the nth degree to him that he does it well and properly. I think he’s going to take advantage of all of that to give us a real shot to get him back.”

(On if there is a timeline on Jimmy Graham’s recovery:) “Not specifically. I can’t give you the months and stuff like that right now.”

(On how encouraging Russell Wilson’s play is going into next year:) “Couldn’t be more excited about it, really. We made so much progress in such crucial areas. If we can come back and be anywhere near that kind of efficiency in the red zone and on third down, and the targeting of our receivers, and the high level of accuracy we had there. Getting Jimmy [Graham] back in it, and Paul [Richardson] back to competing with us too, that’s a real boost to us and we’re excited about it. We can go down the field if we have to, we can throw the ball really quick, and we can do all kinds of stuff. Russell showed all of the things we would have hoped to see in really consistent fashion this year, and a huge game yesterday to get us back in the game. You always want to ask us, what if you had to throw the ball a lot, what would happen? We had to throw it almost 50 times, and he did a great job. The more we got into it, the better he was. He did a fine job of doing that for us.”

(On how Russell can develop over the next few seasons:) “I think this is, Russell and I talked about this last night, I think it’s really the right time to turn his focus and broaden his awareness of what is going on in the game overall. He and I will spend a lot of time this offseason introducing him to the perspective of what it’s like to look at the defense from the defensive side of the ball. I want him to learn and understand what’s going on schematically, rotation-wise, fits-wise, even more than he knows now. I talked to Earl [Thomas] about the same thing. Earl needs to go on the other side of the ball and do the same thing. Earl also wants to learn even more in-depth about what’s going on up front. These guys have been around long enough now that it’s time to take them to all of the avenues that they can to understand the game. It’ll just broaden their horizons, it’ll allow them to understand more so, they’ll make declarations and decisions more quickly because they’ll understand schematically even more so. We’re going to school. It’ll be a tremendous offseason for our guys, and I think they’re ready for that.”

(On the difference between studying the other side of the ball and what he will be doing with Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas:) “There’s a difference in looking at it from what the offense needs to know and the difference in looking at it from what the defense is doing. I want them to understand the other side in greater depth. Those guys in particular [Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas], other guys will go along with that, those guys in particular are guys that love to study the game and they want to know more and they want to know everything. You can only take in so much. We wouldn’t want to water down the process by trying to do too much early, but I think it’s time now. We’re going year five and year six now with these guys, year seven I guess it is with Earl. It’s time to really dig in. They’re kind of in like settings, being the quarterback and being the free safety. I know Richard [Sherman] wants to go along too, and just continue to grow and expand so they really understand the game to the fullest extent.”

(On how Marshawn Lynch came out of the game:) “I don’t think he’s 100 percent at this time, but he certainly made it back to where he could play, he contributed. He had some nice plays in the game, he just didn’t get a lot of opportunities.”

(On if Kam Chancellor’s holdout had any lingering effect on the team:) “Only in terms of continuity and communications and stuff like that. We made a big mistake in the Carolina game. That’s totally uncharacteristic. Maybe just the fact that we weren’t together as much, it wasn’t necessarily that it had to do with Kam at the time, but I just think in general, there’s a fine tuning to the relationship and the communication and the awareness, that you have to be together to do it. Otherwise camp wouldn’t be that valuable. We think it means something. I don’t think it had an effect other than that. I think Kam was a marvelous factor in this clubhouse and on our team as he plays and he brought all of that. I marveled at how quickly and astutely he turned his focus and was into his team. He did an extraordinary job of doing that.”

(On bringing Bruce Irvin back:) “I’m not going to go into any of the guys specifically. In general, I’ll tell you that the guys that are with us that have helped us become the team that we’ve become, we want them back. We want our guys to come. We like our team, we like what our guys, how they contribute, how they fit in, the depth that we have of knowing and understanding where they can help us out. Bruce is certainly one of those guys. There’s a number of guys. We’ve kind of been on this bed for some time. We like our team. We like the guys that we have. That doesn’t mean that they have their jobs forever. We’re going to make it competitive and they have to hold other guys off. That’s how we’re approaching the offseason. We’re starting from that perspective. We want to keep these guys together as much as we possibly can.”

(On the line between keeping a team together without it going stale:) “I think if you had players that become stale, I think that could happen. We’re not in that makeup right now. These guys are hungry to do things, I just told you about how they’ve bounced back and already started to set their sights on moving forward, and let’s get going. I think if you allowed that mentality on your team, it would be a problem. We’re not going to have that problem.”

(On the Super Bowl hangover:) “I’m going to keep saying after both Super Bowls, so you guys realize it’s not just because you lose, it’s when you win too. It’s difficult.”

(On what the Super Bowl hangovers were:) “If you guys remember, I took both of these opportunities as great challenges, and recognizing that they both have impact, they both can be significant. I went to work from the moment that we’re already in that mode, now it’s already done, to try and start to regroup and get going again. Personally, that’s just what my job is. That’s just what I do. It doesn’t seem like it took any more toll or anything, I don’t feel like I’m worn down by it. That’s just kind of what my job is. I welcome it. I like it. I like the challenge of it. I like the fact it’s that. I like being challenged when you win and you’re on top and that kind of stuff and how hard that is to do that. I like that in particular. This year now, will be a little bit different. This is a little bit different ship that’s going to be sailing here. We didn’t have that same factor. We’ll see what happens. I came out of the meeting with our guys today and I wish we could go do some more stuff. I wish we could keep playing, I wish we could keep working on it and getting better. I’m not ready to break. I feel fine. That doesn’t help these guys that have been beating their heads against the wall for nine months or eight months. I’m good.”

(On if players that were here for the Divisional loss against Atlanta after the 2012 season see the similarities:) “We did have some conversations on the plane that kind of went that way. It did seem somewhat similar.”

(On if he wants to do something with his own contract:) “I’m in great shape. Thanks for asking.”

(On if there are limitations on Tyler Lockett:) “I think Tyler is a really, really exceptional football player, and he demonstrated that. That’s no big step to go there. He had a great football season. He’s an impact, he’s a Pro Bowl, he’s an All-Pro returner that can make things happen from the receiver spot that we’re just getting going with him. I think he can be a go-to guy in the system where it just makes it that much more valuable to have another guy that you have to deal with, with Doug [Baldwin], and with [Jermaine] Kearse, and all of our guys. I think he’s a fantastic prospect. He made great catches yesterday, and so the ceiling, I don’t know if there is one. Hopefully we’ll keep pushing that ceiling up with him, and he’s an exciting guy to have on our team.”

(On if there’s anybody that needs offseason surgery:) “I didn’t hear about anybody yet, but I haven’t had the meeting with the doctors. That would have had to leak through the walls to get to me.”

(On Russell Okung’s year:) “He’s been a great factor in our team. Really sick to see him get hurt in that game, and it’s a very unusual accident that happened. He’s been a leader, he’s been stellar for years. Really consistent. He’s been a great kid.”

(On if he’d like to keep Justin Britt at guard:) “We’re going to figure that out. I can’t tell you that right now. It’s good that he can play there. It’s good that he can play guard and tackle. That’s to his benefit.”

(On how vital Jermaine Kearse is:) “I think he had a great game. Kearse, as he would say, turned up yesterday. He continues to, in the big game settings, he just seems to make big plays happen. He can do it all throughout the year, but he seems to have a knack for being in the right place to make a special play, and they’re not easy either. The touchdown that he makes for the first one, and the other one was tipped right before he caught the football. The other great catches, the best catch of the day was his one on the sidelines. A phenomenal catch and body control to stay in bounds and all of that. He’s a terrific player. He really is. I don’t know if other people appreciate him like we do. We love him in our system and we’d love him to stay with us.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch has indicated if he wants to come back:) “I have not gotten that indication. I don’t know. Everything is just normal right now. Everything remains to be normal.”

(On how the young guys played, or didn’t play:) “It’s those guys that I’m talking about, that we’re excited about. It’s some of the guys there, some of the defensive backs, some guys we have in the program. The young receivers that we have. To see Kevin Smith to jump up, and Kasen [Williams], to join in and start participating and help us. They come back to camp with a whole new perspective and elevated sense of what they can do, and our sense also, how they can help our team. Those are really exciting players. Mohammed [Seisay], we never really got a chance to get him going, but we liked what we saw when he was here. There’s getting Tharold Simon back, there’s a lot of guys coming back to us that will really make it a very competitive go around when we come back to camp.”

(On Christine Michael’s development:) “I’d love to have him back. Hopefully we can keep him.

(On how much of an edge the young cornerbacks on this team have over other players they could bring in:) “Well I’d like to think that our guys, because they’ve been coached by us, that they know our stuff and they’re well-schooled. I know we have a number of corners, George Farmer, that you haven’t seen, that’s a nice player for us. We’ll bring him back. And guys to work at the spot that have a real future. They’ve kind of been indoctrinated now, but now they have to come back and utilize the skills, and get in some really good, competitive opportunities. I know Richard’s [Sherman] already talked about getting those guys together, and making sure they’re keeping their skills going through the offseason, and doing some special things. Because you can see a real young kind of a nucleus of guys that could be a factor for us, so it’s a good group I think.”