Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about the end of Sunday's loss against Carolina and where the team goes from here during his weekly radio show on ESPN 710 Seattle Monday.

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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said on his regular day-after-game radio show on ESPN 710 Seattle Monday that he wished reviewing the fourth-quarter collapse Sunday against the Carolina Panthers might have shown definitive answers to why that keeps happening to his team.

Instead, he said, he was left as stumped as ever by a second-straight fourth-quarter meltdown that left his team at 2-4.

“It’s a shock to see that it doesn’t come through,’’ he said. “We have a lot of the same guys doing a lot of the same things.’’

Carroll said the Panthers did their share to take advantage, saying, “It is amazing they were able to execute as well as they did, particularly when they hadn’t been in their throwing game.’’


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Much attention has been placed on what players said was a communication error on the final Carolina touchdown, with Richard Sherman in one defense and the rest of the back end in another.

Carroll said the play is not indicative of widespread communication errors, saying: “The communication was fine the whole day and on the last touchdown play the call didn’t get to everybody the way it always does. There was some kind of a glitch in there that happened.’’

Carroll said defensive calls go through the headset of the middle linebacker (which Sunday was K.J. Wright) and also are relayed from the field. He said the process for that play was the same as always.

He said some players “just missed it.’’ He said coaches look from the sidelines to “to see if they are unsure what the call is’’ but that nothing seemed amiss.

He also said an issue was guys “not seeing the formation the same way or whatever.’’

Panthers’ tight end Greg Olsen noted after the game, “I don’t know what happened on their side, but there was a lot of space to run.’’

On Monday, Carroll said of the rest of the comeback that “we made some small errors’’ and at times also simply got beat.

Carroll said that has happened before but that it rarely happens that play after play after play occurs to lead to a comeback.

“Things like that happen,’’ he said. “To pile up enough to have the comeback, I can’t imagine it.’’

Carroll reiterated that there’s no one thing leading to it, saying the offense could have run out the clock, the defense could have gotten the stop and that neither happened for a variety of factors.

“I’d like to feel like we can get it done,’’ Carroll said. “It’s a shock to see that it doesn’t come through. We have a lot of the same guys doing a lot of the same things.’’

Carroll said being 2-4, a spot from which it is historically dicey to make the playoffs, feels unusual.

“Our expectations are that we should be winning all of these games,’’ he said. “We should be 6-0 and we should be rolling right now.’’

But Carroll said he still has faith the corner will be turned.

“This season is not done at all,’’ he said. “It’s just been very, very challenging.’’

As for a few other notes.

— Carroll noted there isn’t much time for dissecting the Carolina game with a contest at San Francisco on tap Thursday night. He said Monday is like a Wednesday would be normally, with the team beginning to install the gameplan. “We’ve got to get ready to play football,’’ he said. “There’s a big challenge just to get ready for Thursday night. That’s a good thing.’’

— Carroll said he gave the team a little talk afterward and a few other players did, as well, then the conversation moved to what happens next.

— Asked about the play of Russell Wilson, Carroll noted a play in the red zone where he didn’t properly read a blitz and it turned into a sack. “He’d be the first to tell you that he knew he missed some things yesterday,’’ Carroll said.

— Carroll said red zone and third downs continue to be issues for the Seahawks, saying, “We are not functioning in the red zone like we need to.’’

— Carroll said he thinks the running game could have looked better had a couple of good runs not been called back due to penalties, saying: “Those are the ones you build off of. … We could have run the ball better yesterday and it was there to be done.’’

— Asked about the performance so far of first-year defensive coordinator Kris Richard, Carroll said: “I think Kris is doing a really good job. I’ve been impressed with how Kris is handling this group. … I think he’s done a terrific job and he’s leading these guys and he’s gotten them to buy in. … I think we just have to play better and be clean I think all the players will tell you that its there to be done.’’

— Carroll said again that WR Paul Richardson may be activated off the PUP list today but he didn’t commit to it, and said again that CB Jeremy Lane “is still another couple of weeks away.’’

— Carroll said the hope is that MLB Bobby Wagner is able to play Thursday at San Francisco after sitting out Sunday with a pectoral muscle injury. “He could have gone out there but it wasn’t the right thing to do,’’ Carroll said. “We’re hoping in these next couple of days that would make the difference. If he played (against Carolina) he would have no chance of playing Thursday.’’

— Carroll said of Patrick Lewis starting at center instead of Drew Nowak that he played “a solid game’’ but wasn’t sure it was much different than what the team had been getting from Nowak. “We’ll check that out and see what happens next,’’ he said.