Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett was fined $20,000 for his unnecessary roughness penalty last Sunday on Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton.

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Michael Bennett’s unnecessary roughness penalty on Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton last Sunday not only cost the Seahawks 51 yards but also will cost him a little bit in the wallet.

Bennett was fined $20,000 for the penalty, which came when he knocked Dalton down three times during an Earl Thomas interception return late in the second quarter.

Thomas returned it 68 yards to the Bengals’ 31. But the penalty instead had Seattle starting at its own 18 with 54 seconds left. The Seahawks drove for a field goal that made it 10-7 at halftime.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll on Monday said Bennett “just lost his mind a little bit.”

Bennett, though, was unapologetic about the play when he talked with reporters Wednesday, saying he was simply treating a quarterback the way he would a player at any other position.

“I don’t think I was out of control,” he said “I  just hit the quarterback. Just because he’s the quarterback it’s a big deal. Carriers get hit all the time and knocked to the ground, but the only time people care — one, he’s the quarterback and he gets paid a lot of money and people just put this zoom-in screen on it so it becomes a big deal. But I can show you tons of plays where offensive linemen are jumping on guys all the time and it’s not a big deal.”

Asked a follow-up question about the play, Bennett said: “I  hit him, he got back up. I pushed him back down, he got back up. I pushed him down again. What was I supposed to do, let him get back up?”

At that point, teammate Brandon Mebane came over and said with a smile, “You should have let him back up, Mike.”

Bennett is tied for second in the NFL with seven penalties called against him this season, though only four have been accepted. Former Seahawk Brandon Browner leads the NFL with nine penalties, eight accepted.