Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin says in an appearance on Any Given Wednesday that he has heard an NFL owner has told his players they must stand during the anthem.

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In an appearance on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday that is sure to get some attention, Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said that he’s heard at least one NFL owner has told players they must stand during the anthem.

Baldwin appears on the show, set to air initially Wednesday at 10 p.m., with comedian Joel McHale, a University of Washington grad who was a walk-on football player for the Huskies, and says he has heard an owner said “you’re gonna stand on the line with your hand on your heart and you’re gonna sing the national anthem because this is my stage.”

The NFL recently released a statement confirming that players are encouraged but not required to stand during the anthem.

Baldwin also talks about how players can skirt the concussion protocol, though he says he went through it properly when he took a hard hit from Calvin Pryor during Sunday’s 27-17 win against the Jets (Pryor has apparently been fined $25,000). He said Sunday was “the normal thing” but says players can fake their way back into the game. “I think a number of players do that,” he said. Baldwin says he thinks the NFL is trying but that it’s a complicated situation saying “I don’t know that we’ll ever fix these issues.”

Baldwin also appeared this week on “60 Minutes Sports” on Showtime in which he said he had received death threats after initially discussing publicly how the Seahawks should approach the national anthem. Baldwin helped form the team’s Building Bridges Task Force, which helped lead the team to decide to link arms during the anthem.