Receiver Doug Baldwin talked about the Seahawks' fast offensive start, how he felt when Russell Wilson got hurt, and more in his post-game press conference Sunday.

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Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin set a career high with 164 yards, averaging 20.5 per catch, in Sunday’s 37-18 win over the 49ers at CenturyLink Field.

He also suffered what he said was a pretty uncomfortable feeling when Russell Wilson suffered a sprained knee early in the third quarter saying his heart dropped at the sight of Wilson lingering on the ground.

Baldwin talked about that and more when he met the media afterward.

(On the difference with the offense today…) “We executed at a high level and we were able to get our running game going. We were really focused on that this week. We wanted to get our running game going because that’s where everything starts from. We were able to do that and build off of that.”

(On getting off to a fast start…) “it was very important to us because we wanted to get off to a good start. Obviously every time you go out there, you want to get off to a good start but with us struggling in the past couple of games against good defense, we wanted to come out here and be successful. Especially on third down and we were fortunate enough to do that today.”

(On the first play that he had…) “As Russell matures with this offense and as he evolves with this offense, he’s changing everything now. That play was specifically not that play and he changed it once he saw the coverage. Jermaine executed it perfectly and gave me a chance to get the ball down the sideline from Russell.”

(On his reaction when Russell went down…) “My heart dropped. It was weird because I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. The thing that makes me so proud is the fact that he got back up and he came back into the game. He toughed it out and we had to pull him out of the game. It’s a tribute to the person that he is and the resolve that he has and his passion to be out there for his teammates. It’s ridiculous and sometimes we have to hold him back from himself.”

(On his conversation with Pete on the sideline about Russell…) “I told Pete to pull him out because Russell wanted to stay in. And obviously as a football player and as a competitor, you want to stay in the game and you want to be out there and compete with your teammates, but at that moment, I was really adamant about him getting out of the game. That’s what that conversation was about.”

(On Russell’s demeanor on the sidelines when he was getting looked at…) “He was worried since he didn’t know what was going on. But he wanted to get back out there and he was really anxious for the doctors to evaluate him so he could get back out there.”

(On how hurt he was last week and how hurt he was this week…) “It’s a process. I got pretty banged up last week and I’m fortunate enough that our great training and medical staff, they put together a great rehab program for me. I was able to come out here and feel healthy enough to play.

(On if he said anything to Trevon Boykin when he came into the game…) “I thought he went out there and played well. Given the circumstances, he’s a rookie so you expect to see some rough patches at times, but I thought he did extremely well.”

(On if this game felt more like Seahawks football…) “It definitely does feel more like Seahawks football because of the fact that we ran the ball and the manner in which we did. That’s our calling card. We want to be able to run the ball and control the game with the ground game. We were fortunate enough to do that.”

(On if the offense got its mojo back…) “Without a doubt, being able to go out there and score on the first drive and make plays down the stretch when we needed to was huge. I believe we were 64% on third down and that’s something that I care about greatly. For us to be able to do that was phenomenal.”

(On the impact the Jimmy Graham has…) “Jimmy is a phenomenal weapon for us and he’s a phenomenal asset. Not only in the times that he gets the ball, but he’s also a decoy for the rest of us at times since they have to put so much attention on him. He’s huge for us. His presence on our offense, not only as the football player and what he can do for us in terms of catching the ball and blocking and all the things that he does, but also his leadership and his presence in the huddle is something that I can’t talk about enough.”

(On the process of fitting Jimmy into the offense…) “It’s been fantastic. Jimmy has done an excellent job of being patient. Obviously sometimes it’s frustrating because he came from an offense that where he’s seeing all these targets and that’s just not the way that we do it here. But he’s been patient with it and he’s bought into the fact that we’re about controlling the game with the ground game and then making the most of our opportunities when we get the targets. He’s fully bought into the fact that this is how we play football. I love him because of it and he’s very passionate about being a good teammate for the Seattle Seahawks.”

(On Jimmy’s double coverage catch…) “At first a defender had it in his hands and Jimmy being Jimmy, he just took it out of his hands. It was a phenomenal play by him.

(On how happy guys are for Christine Michael after his big game…) “Extremely happy. We’re not surprised because we always knew that he had it in him. Sometimes you just have to evolve with the offense and evolve with yourself as you get older. He’s made the best of his opportunities and he’s never taken it for granted. You see his hard work paying off right now.”

(On his conversations with Colin Kaepernick…) “We had a conversation before the game and then we met in the middle after the game and had a conversation there. Obviously that was a private conversation so I’ll keep it between us.”

(On if Baldwin wanting to build bridges with social injustice starts without Kaepernick starting the conversation…) “Not at all. The reason you’re asking me this question is because Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem and regardless of what people want to say about it disrespecting the military or the country or whatever it may be, he shed light on an issue that needed to be revealed. So now we’re having this conversation. I’m fortunate enough and glad that he did that. He took the leadership role, stepped up, took the hits and now we’re able to move forward with this conversation.