Seahawk receiver Doug Baldwin was fined $12.154 for a one-fingered response delivered to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell after being asked to throw a touchdown pass rather than catch one in Sunday's game against the Eagles.

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The one-fingered symbol that Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin flashed to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, signalling his “happiness” over a play call to throw a pass to Russell Wilson in the red zone in Sunday’s 26-15 win over the Eagles, also proved somewhat costly.

It was confirmed Friday that Baldwin has been fined $12,154 by the NFL for what it considers an unsportsmanlike gesture (Cincinnati linebacker Vontaze Burfict also got the same fine for the same action in a game last week).

Baldwin explained Wednesday that the action was meant as a joke toward Bevell for taking away a chance to catch a touchdown in the red zone — after signalling his “displeasure” to Bevell, Balwin threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Wilson for what was the first reception for a TD by a quarterback in the team’s history.

“I’m sure you guys know now we have been begging for that play for a couple of weeks now, trying to get that done,’’ Baldwin said. “However, I didn’t want it in the red zone. I wanted the target in the red zone. Typically when we get in the red zone, all the receivers and all the tight ends, we are kind of lobbying to get the passes in the red zone so we can score the touchdowns… It’s just the fact that we don’t want to literally be throwing away our targets in the red zone.’’

Bevell said Wednesday he took the gesture in manner intended.

“Doug and I have a great relationship, first and foremost,” Bevell said. “And I think Doug in his excitement, when he heard the play called in the huddle and knowing that he was going to get an opportunity to make Seahawk history, he was really excited and he wanted to tell Bev he was number one, and he just messed up a little bit there.

“If I could inspire him to make that perfect pass then I’ll go ahead and take it.’’