The results of this weekend assure that the Seahawks will have the 26th pick in the NFL Draft which will be held April 27-29.

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The results of the NFL playoffs this weekend assure that the Seattle Seahawks will have the No. 26 pick in the first round of the 2017 draft.

The draft will be held this year April 27-29 in Philadelphia.

Seattle was slotted 26th after losing to Atlanta Saturday while the Green Bay Packers won at Dallas. The first 20 spots in the draft each year are set in inverse order of the record of teams that don’t make the playoffs. The rest are set in order of the records of teams as they lose in the playoffs. Had Green Bay lost, then Seattle would have picked 27th since Seattle had a better record than the Packers. But with Green Bay assured of moving on, the Packers move behind Seattle in the draft order slotting Seattle at No. 26.

Seattle has picked 26th only once, that coming in 2005 when the Seahawks selected center Chris Spencer, who went on to start 70 games over six years for the Seahawks, including all 16 in Pete Carroll’s first year with the team in 2010.

However, Seattle was also slotted at 26 heading into the draft last season after also having lost in the divisional playoff round — a year ago losing at Carolina 31-24.

At that time, I wrote this review of the best and worst No. 26 picks, which includes defensive back Dave Brown, who is a member of the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor (he was drafted by Pittsburgh and not Seattle).

The Seahawks, though, traded that pick to Denver, moving down five spots to 31 to then get another pick in the third round at No. 94.

The Seahawks used the No. 31 pick to draft offensive lineman Germain Ifedi of Texas A&M while Denver used the No. 26 pick to take quarterback Paxton Lynch.

Seattle then used the additional pick it got in the third round at No. 94 to draft tight end Nick Vannett.

And given Seattle’s history of trading its draft picks, you might not go wrong thinking that where the Seahawks are slotted now is where they will be later. But for now, Seattle is 26th.