The Seattle Seahawks will be reunited with one of their 2013 team captains Sunday --- Red Bryant --- when they face the Arizona Cardinals.

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The Seahawks always see a lot of red when they travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals.

This time, they will see some familiar Red, as well — Red Bryant, a defensive lineman who was the defensive team captain of the 2013 Super Bowl champs.

Bryant was released by Seahawks about a month after the Super Bowl in a salary cap move.He spent the 2014 season with Jacksonville coached by former Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. After being released by the Jags he spent camp with the Buffalo Bills but was released before the season.

He thought he might be out of football this season before the Cardinals picked him up in late November when injuries hit the team’s defensive line.

Bryant has filled in ably since then, playing about 24 percent of the snaps in the five games he has seen action.

“He’s playing huge, just like you would think he would,’’ said Seattle coach Pete Carroll this week. “He’s a big guy at the line of scrimmage. He fills us a lot of space, he’s a tough football player. We’ve always had great respect for Red and love the guy. I was thinking about the last couple days what a great deal for him to come back to a team that’s winning, and doing really well and all of that. I’m really fired up for him in that regard.”

Bryant said recently he sees some similarities between the Cardinals and the Seattle team that won the Super Bowl.

“As far as the players are concerned, it’s laid back,” Bryant said. “A lot of the players, you can tell they hang out together. I bet if you ask any team that was fortunate enough to win a championship, they’ll probably always talk about the unity of the team. You got 53 guys and everybody’s not going to get along.

“For the most part, everybody’s cohesive. Nobody’s just doing their own thing. Everybody’s trying to do what’s best for the team and that’s been the biggest thing I’ve noticed, continuity amongst the guys that are here.”

As reported by ESPN, Bryant also made an interesting comparison between Carroll and Arizona coach Bruce Arians.

“I think coach Arians is more black and white,” Bryant said. “You know where you stand. He ain’t sugar-coating it. I think coach Carroll, he’s more enthusiastic, more energetic. He’s more bouncing around. That’s just his personality. But coach Arians, I mean he puts it right where he can understand it: either you’re going to get the job done or we’re going to find somebody else, and I think as a player, you respect that.”