In our latest Seahawks' mailbag, more discussion about the kicking and fullback positions.

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Time for another set of Seahawks questions via Twitter.

As always, you can ask yours at @bcondotta.

Q: @scottyselfish asks: Any kicker news??? Is Blair (Walsh) the man?

A: For now he is as he is the only kicker on the roster after the Seahawks last week waived John Lunsford, a free agent who had signed in March.

The Seahawks signed Walsh in February knowing that Stephen Hauschka was likely to leave via free agency, which Hauschka eventually did, signing a four-year, $12 million contract with Buffalo.

Walsh, meanwhile, signed a one-year, $1.1 million contract with Seattle allowing the Seahawks to save some significant money while, they hope, getting similar production.

The Seahawks also said at the time, though, that they anticipated bringing in some competition for Walsh and signing Lunsford in March seemed to take care of that.

But when Seattle needed room for its eight undrafted free agents last week, Lunsford was among those getting the, uh, boot.

There aren’t a lot of other options —- the only significant veteran free agent active a year ago left unsigned is Dan Carpenter, who was with Buffalo last season (and who was memorably in the middle of a controversy with Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman).

What were regarded as the three best college kickers last year were drafted, including Arizona State’s Zane Gonzalez by Cleveland.

There are a few undrafted rookies who remain unsigned, including Stanford’s Conrad Ukropina. Lunsford also remains unsigned and the team could just bring him back at some point.

But yeah, for now Walsh appears to be “the man.’’

Q: @gilroyrawrrawr asks: What happened with (fullback Brandon) Cottom? Hawks were high on him last year before injury, seemed excited by his workout enough to sign him.

A: Cottom, recall, was re-signed by the Seahawks on May 4 only to then be waived on Monday to make room for fullback Kyle Coleman, who impressed as a tryout player during the rookie mini-camp (and also was with the Seahawks for a brief time in training camp last year).

Cottom had been re-signed after becoming a free agent when he was not tendered a contract after having been on Injured Reserve all of last season.

As the questioner notes, Cottom was off to a nice start in training camp last year, often rotating in with the number one offense at fullback for the first few days before suffering a Achilles tendon injury that ended his season at the end of the first week.

He then was placed on IR and the Seahawks ended up going a lot of other different ways at fullback throughout the season — Tani Tupou, Will Tukuafu and Marcel Reece were all on the 53-man at some point during the regular season.

That Cottom was re-signed would seem to indicate he had recovered well enough from the injury.

But maybe that was still a factor.

The Seahawks may also have just been more intrigued by Coleman after seeing him for three days in the rookie mini-camp.

Coleman also caught the Seahawks’ eye last year in camp, signed originally as a linebacker but then moved to fullback before being waived in August.

Also worth remembering is that Coleman was signed last June by Seattle after having played fullback in the team’s rookie mini-camp last year, as well. He then was among several players moved to fullback last August in the wake of the injuries to Cottom as well as Tupou and Tre Madden that had the Seahawks suddenly thin at that spot.

So maybe this is more about wanting to see more of Coleman — who having now participated in two rookie mini-camps as a fullback as well as much of training camp last year may be getting a better handle on the position — as much as anything else.

Coleman is one of two fullbacks on the roster — the other being rookie undrafted free agent Algernon Brown of BYU.

One thing worth remembering is not a lot of teams use fullback as much as Seattle often has. Who knows? The Seahawks could be assuming/gambling that maybe Cottom won’t be signed (he cleared waivers) and would be available later if the team needs/wants him back.