Some more thoughts on Ryan Tannehill's contract, Kasen Williams, and more.

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As I began putting this together, I realized I had about six items to pass along this morning. Yes, a six pack! Maybe we’ll make this a regular feature of our new setup here.

For today, here are six Seahawks-related notes/thoughts to pass along this morning. …

1. In the final analysis, the Ryan Tannehill contract probably won’t mean much when it comes to the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. When the Tannehill deal was announced Monday — and then particularly when it was revealed that the last four years were worth $77 million in new money and that it featured $45 million guaranteed overall — it was tempting to think it might make Seattle’s job extending Russell Wilson a lot more difficult.

But as more contract details were revealed, the impact began to feel a bit more muted. And in the general consensus seems to be that all the Tannehill deal does — even at the basic numbers above — is reiterate something of a baseline for Seattle and Wilson. “It solidifies the floor,” as one person said. But then, the baseline numbers had already been pretty well set, anyway — it was already a given a deal for Wilson isn’t getting done for what Tannehill got.

2. If the Tannehill deal shows anything, though, it’s that waiting could get costly. There’s been much conjecture the last week or so about how far apart the two sides are. Brock Huard, on ESPN 710 Seattle, refers to it as “a chasm,” for instance. And there was the Bleacher Report, uh, report restating how much of a gap remains. One person with some knowledge of it said there’s a sizeable space between the two, but one that could also close quickly once things get urgent. As we’ve stated a few times here, the key time to really watch will be late July, when training camp begins. Whether said publicly or not, that’s at least something of a deadline for each side to want to get something done. And if the Tannehill deal showed anything, it’s that other contracts will continue to get done that could impact the market (Cam Newton might be next). It’s obviously better for the Seahawks to get it done more quickly. But that’s also something everybody already knows.

3. Here’s one reason Kasen Williams may not have signed with Seattle yet — UW’s quarter system. Pete Carroll seemed to indicate a signing of Williams was imminent after the rookie mini-camp when he talked of the team hoping to bring him back. It’s been more than a week since then, and Seattle has actually signed another receiver since then who, like Williams, was a tryout player in the rookie mini-camp —Deshon Foxx. That led to even more questions about what’s going on with Williams. Here’s one possibility — the NFL rule that doesn’t allow rookies to take part in team activities until their school has held graduation. Since UW is on the quarter system, the school won’t hold graduation until June 13. So that’s the earliest Williams could take part in anything official with the team. Seattle has signed other UW free agents in the past who also were impacted by this, such as Jermaine Kearse. But in a case such as Kearse’s, UW had to sign him to initially get him into its rookie mini-camp. Seattle didn’t have to do that with Williams after he was waived by the Bengals. So it could be that the Seahawks are simply waiting to bring in Williams once they can actually work with him — or simply waiting a little longer until they have gotten a better look at some of the other free agents they have signed who can participate immediately. The 90-man roster this time of year changes almost daily — Seattle has made six roster moves since the rookie mini-camp ended.

4. Jesse Williams Tweeted late last night “I’ll be right back.” In the wake of the news of his cancer diagnosis and pending kidney surgery, Jesse Williams Tweeted again last night that he plans to return soon to the football field — and it’s worth pointing out that he remains on the team’s 90-man roster. Word is that Williams’ knees were finally good to go and it was anticipated he would be out there for OTAs and mini-camp.

5. Buffalo has high hopes for Ty Powell. There was an interesting story out of Buffalo Monday about Ty Powell, a linebacker who was a seventh-round pick of the Seahawks in 2013 before being released off the practice squad early in the 2013 season. After a brief stint with the Giants he landed in Buffalo, where he’s now being used as a middle linebacker. The Class of 2013 has so far been a pretty spotty one for the Seahawks, due in part to injuries to players such as Williams and the fact that Christine Michael has yet to really establish a role. But Powell may yet prove to have been another good Seahawks’ late-round find — even if he doesn’t do that proving in Seattle.

6. Finally, rank Russell Wilson seventh among NFL QBs. We’ve reached that time of the NFL calendar where there will be ratings galore to fill the space between now and the season. Here’s an rating of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, placing Russell Wilson seventh. Not that it matters at all, obviously, but you wonder how much that one final yard Seattle didn’t get in the Super Bowl might have changed the perception of Wilson this off-season.