The Seahawks are shooting for a sixth straight 10-win season in 2017 which would make a little NFL history.

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The Seahawks enter the 2017 season with a chance to continue a streak that would also further enhance the team’s place in NFL history — winning 10 games for a sixth straight season.

The Seahawks have won 10 or more games each of the past five years, or since Russell Wilson took over as the team’s quarterback in 2012.

Seattle got that done last season when it beat the 49ers in the season finale to finish at 10-5-1.

That made Seattle just the 14th team in NFL history to win 10 or more games five straight seasons.

Granted, it’s become a little easier to do through the years — NFL teams played just 12 games until 1961 and then 14 from 1962-1977 before adopting the current 16-game format in 1978.

Not surprisingly, nine of the 14 teams to win 10 or more games in five straight seasons did so since 1978 while another two overlapped into that period.

Still, it’s far from easy.

And should Seattle win 10 or more again this season the Seahawks would become just the ninth team in NFL history to hit double digits in victories in at least six straight seasons.

Here’s the list of the teams that have won 10 games at least five or more straight seasons:

16: San Francisco 49ers (1983-98).

14: New England Patriots (2003-16 — streak ongoing).

9: Indianapolis Colts (2002-10).

7: Dallas Cowboys (1975-81).

6: Dallas Cowboys (1991-96); Dallas Cowboys (1968-73); Miami Dolphins (1970-75); Los Angeles Rams (1973-78).

5: Chicago Bears (1984-88); Philadelphia Eagles (2000-04); Philadelphia Eagles (1988-92); Pittsburgh Steelers (1972-76); Washington Redskins (1983-87), Seattle Seahawks (2012-16, streak ongoing).

A review of that list makes clear quickly that every team on it had basically one of two things — a franchise quarterback and/or an historically great defense — if not both, as Seattle has with Wilson and the Legion of Boom-led defense that led the NFL in fewest points allowed four straight years.

The 49ers’ team at the top of the list had primarily Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young as QBs; the Patriots obviously have Tom Brady; the Colts had Peyton Manning; the Cowboys team with seven straight 10-win seasons was led by Roger Staubach and Danny White and had the Doomsday Defense, etc.

Among those in the five- and six-time club were two other Dallas teams quarterbacked by Troy Aikman and primarily Staubach; the No-Name Defense Dolphins whose 10-win streak included a 14-0 season; the Mike Ditka-era Bears and the Steel Curtain Pittsburgh teams quarterbacked by Terry Bradshaw.

Only three of the teams on the list failed to win at least one Super Bowl — both of the Eagles’ inclusions and the Chuck Knox-era Los Angeles Rams — and only the 1988-92 Eagles never got to a Super Bowl at all.

In other words, this is pretty much the best of the best of the best dynasties in modern NFL history with only two real exceptions — the Lombardi-era Packers and the Raiders of the John Madden-Tom Flores years.

The Packers came close, winning 10 or more games in five of six seasons from 1961-66, all seasons when the NFL played 14 games (Green Bay went 8-5-1 in 1964).

And so did the Raiders, who won 10 or more games 12 times in 19 seasons from 1967-85 including four times in a row from 74-77.

It’s that kind of historical territory the Seahawks find themselves in as they enter the 2017 season.

Further accentuating the point, only four teams currently have streaks of winning 10 games in a season as much as three straight years — the Patriots and Seahawks, already on the list above, as well as the Packers and Steelers. The Chiefs are the only other team to enter this season with a multiple 10-game win streak going, having done it the past two seasons.

More proof that it’s not easy to do is that just five teams currently have Vegas win-loss projection totals for 2017 of 10 victories or more — the Seahawks, Patriots, Raiders, Packers and Steelers. assessed the win-loss odds for all 32 teams this week and wrote of the Seahawks: “Again, double-digit wins is just tough. The Seahawks are expected to be a good football team and should once again have a good defense, especially if Richard Sherman moves past the offseason drama and Earl Thomas is healthy again. The running game could surprise with Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls and Russell Wilson’s diet has made him even more mobile. Seattle projects as a top-tier NFC team, but 10.5 is a lot of wins.’’

The Seahawks, though, have averaged more than that since 2012, winning 56 regular season games since Wilson arrived, 11.2 per season.

And at the moment, the Vegas lines project Seattle to win even more than that in 2017 as the Seahawks are favored in 12 of the 15 games for which there are early point spreads (spreads aren’t set ahead of time on the 16th game due to the uncertainty over how teams will approach the season finale).

What the Seahawks and their fans ultimately want more than regular season wins is another Super Bowl title, which would do even more to cement the team’s place in NFL history — only 12 franchises have won more than one Super Bowl and only 10 have done so within a span of four seasons, or basically with the same core group of players, as Seattle could do this season.

But the Seahawks might have to win 10 games again first to get there, which would make another little piece of history by itself.