As have many other major professional sports teams around the country, the Seahawks confirmed on Wednesday they will work with season-ticket holders whose ability to pay may be impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The team’s website lists a final renewal payment for 2020 season tickets of June 15.

But a team spokesman said via e-mail Wednesday that in the wake of potential economic issues arising from COVID-19 that “we are working with each season ticket holder to accommodate those who need personalized payment plans, which includes deferment.”

The team has also added a section to its website addressing questions related to the outbreak, noting that refunds will be granted for any games paid for in advance that are not played.

“At this time there are no changes to the 2020 NFL schedule,” the team states on its website. “We will contact ticket holders should any changes be determined. If a game is not played, a full refund or account credit will be provided.”

And in an answer to a question about being concerned about being able to pay for tickets, the team’s website states: “We encourage you to please reach out to your Account Representative at your earliest convenience. We would be happy to assist you and discuss arrangements for your season tickets.”

Other professional sports teams have adopted similar stances, including many in the NFL such as the Jets and Giants in New York.

The Seahawks have officially sold out every regular season game for 17 consecutive seasons at CenturyLink Field (the last non-sell out came in the 2003 season) and on its website lists having 12,000 members in its Blue Pride wait list group.