RENTON — Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett revealed Wednesday he has gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, saying he did so “because I wanted to be able to see my family.’’

While Lockett is not only one of Seahawks’ biggest names, he was also elected by teammates as the player rep to the NFL Players Association. He said he won’t tell any of his teammates what to do.

“I’m not about to force people to get it or anything like that,’’ Lockett told media via Zoom following Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “Like I think at the end of the day it’s their decision. But for me, you know I made the best decision that was right for me and my family. And so I ended up getting it. But all I can do is just tell them what I know and tell them why I decided to get it. But I can’t force somebody what they want to do with their life.’’

Lockett’s comments came a few hours after the NFL made it clear that it is essentially hoping to force players to get it, announcing it has reached an agreement with the NFLPA on updated protocols for the 2021 training camp and preseason.

The protocols mean fully vaccinated players will have full freedoms while players who are not fully vaccinated will be subjected to the protocols of the 2020 season.

Those include players being banned from bars, nightclubs and concerts with fines of up to $50,000 for a first offense and more for additional offenses. The NFL is outlining a clear financial incentive to get the shots.


Also, fully vaccinated players will only have to be tested once every two weeks while those who are not fully vaccinated will continue daily testing.

The league is highly motivated to try to prevent any teams from suffering outbreaks that could force delays of games or cause teams to have to go without significant players and impact the quality of the game, as happened last season.

The Seahawks have been offering vaccines to players and will do so again on Thursday when they conclude minicamp. Players vaccinated this week will have no trouble being cleared by the time camp starts on July 31. Players are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their final shot. But players who wait could risk being subject to protocols for unvaccinated players.

Coach Pete Carroll did not offer a specific number of players who are vaccinated when asked Tuesday. But he said the Seahawks are “a couple numbers away from being in the top echelon of having as many guys as anybody in the league. So we’re in pretty good shape right now.’’

Lockett says he considers it a decision best left to each player with the understanding that they will have to accept whatever consequences will come with it.

“You’ve got to figure out which rules you want to follow,’’ Lockett said. “At the end of the day if you choose not to get vaccinated and you got to go throughout those rules of last year, I don’t know how that’s gonna be. You know I’m not the one that sets the rules and stuff like that. But all I know is a lot of people aren’t going to want their money to be messed with.’’


  • Defensive end Carlos Dunlap sat out practice due to an illness. Otherwise, the personnel situation was the same as on Tuesday with left tackle Duane Brown in attendance but staying on the sidelines after a report that he wants a new contract. Safety Jamal Adams, running back Chris Carson and defensive end Aldon Smith all remained out with excused absences.
  • The Seahawks on Wednesday signed tight end Dominic Wood-Anderson while waiving running back B.J. Emmons to make room on the roster. Wood-Anderson was in camp with the Seahawks last year after being signed as an undrafted free agent before being waived before the start of training camp. Wood-Anderson played at Tennessee.