Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett injured his knee last week against the Rams but expects to play this Sunday against the 49ers.

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RENTON —Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett expects to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Lockett left last week’s game in Los Angeles with a knee injury but returned late in the game.

“As long as I’m not in a coffin,” Lockett said, “I’m going to be out there playing.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also said he expects Lockett to play.

Lockett injured his knee after jumping and landing on it against the Rams. He said it hurt when he cut, but he went to the locker room and had tests done and eventually the medical staff allowed him to go back in the game.

“They knew I wouldn’t do anything stupid so they let me go back out there and play,” Lockett said.

Lockett said he is used to playing through pain. He played basketball in high school with a broken wrist, injured shoulder and a hurt toe. In college, he finished with a lacerated kidney and said he played the Iowa State game while his “hamstring popped twice” and still played the next week.

“What I’m saying is pain doesn’t define me or tell me I can’t go back out there,” Lockett said. “The only thing that will tell me I can’t go out there is when you no longer see me on this Earth.”

Lockett presented a bad matchup for the Rams, who struggled to cover him deep. He had four catches for 99 yards despite missing a significant amount of the game because of his knee injury.