Getting a fully healthy Tyler Lockett back this week could be a timely boost for the Seahawks' offense.

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Tyler Lockett let Pete Carroll say what he didn’t want to.

“He was frustrated the last couple weeks that he couldn’t contribute more,’’ Carroll said earlier this week of Lockett, who has been limited since suffering a sprained knee in the second quarter of the second game of the season against the Rams on Sept. 18.

Lockett played in each of the next two games, but did so sparingly — just 23 of 65 snaps against the 49ers and 17 of 60 against the Jets.

“We were kind of just spot playing him and letting him get as healthy as he could and making sure something didn’t happen to him,’’ said offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Limited snaps also meant limited opportunities on offense and Lockett made just one catch for 13 yards in the last two games after making seven for 116 in the first two.

But while Carroll sensed an air of frustration from Lockett, the second-year receiver from Kansas State said he understood.

“I mean you’ve got to be able to see the bigger picture,’’ Lockett said. “The bigger picture is for us to be able to play a full season and play for the majority of the season. So might as well just wait until you get back healthy again and get back out there again and play. So I agree and I’m doing my part. That’s all I can do.’’

Lockett’s part this week, though, should be greatly expanded as Carroll said Friday he is pretty much back to normal.

“He had a really good week,’’ Carroll said. “He’s back. Happy to say that.”

Asked after Friday’s practice if he expected his role to be back to normal, Lockett tried to evade the subject. Maybe it was because teammate Doug Baldwin was standing nearby, giving him a playful stare, possibly a reminder not to give away any secrets.

“We shall see,’’ Lockett said with a smile. “I’m not saying nothing.’’ Then after a pause: “I plead the fifth, Doug.’’

This could be a good week to get Lockett back, though, as the Seahawks may need all the yards and points they can get to fend off an Atlanta team that comes in boasting the most-prolific offense in the NFL.

Not only has Lockett been unable to do much in the offense but he also has not handled kickoff returns the last two weeks — he actually has yet to return a kickoff this season, though he has eight punt returns for 118 yards.

“He just adds another huge piece, he’s so explosive,’’ Bevell said.

While Lockett was coy in talking about his expectations for this weekend, he acknowledged that his knee feels markedly better after getting an extra week of rest due to the bye.

“It helped because you could get away from the game mentally and just to be able to rest yourself and reestablish yourself and stuff like that,’’ he said. “So for me it was a much-needed week and I took it and used it to my advantage.’’

What Lockett also has is some experience playing in inclement weather during his days at Kansas State that could come in handy Sunday if the storm hitting Seattle this weekend lasts past kickoff.

“It’s mental,’’ Lockett said of playing in subpar weather. “ Of course the conditions makes a difference. But it’s all how you go about it. Obviously at Kansas State I played in weather where it was 25 miles an hour wind and three degrees outside.

“But this is our job. This is what we’ve got to do regardless of what the weather conditions are. This is what we get paid to do, so matter whatever the weather is — if it’s 300 degrees outside or if it’s freaking Minnesota weather — you’ve still got to perform. So no matter what the weather is it won’t change the outcome It’s all mental.’’