Per the new 5-year agreement, the Seahawks will no longer be able to use the phrase in their Ring of Honor or on social media.

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Texas A&M University and the Seattle Seahawks have reached a new license agreement regarding the Seahawks’ use of the phrase “12th Man,” the university announced in a news release Thursday.

The agreement introduces some new restrictions for the Seahawks’ use of the phrase. The team will no longer be able to use “12th Man” on the Ring of Honor in CenturyLink Field, and the Seahawks will also no longer refer to the “12th Man” on social media, and the Seahawks will continue to focus their branding on either “12” or “12s,” which are trademarked by the team.

The organizations initially entered into an agreement in 2006 after Texas A&M took legal action against the Seahawks for unauthorized use of the “12th Man” trademark. The new agreement extends for five years.

In the news release, Texas A&M officials said the Seahawks will continue to pay an annual royalty fee for using “12th Man,” and that the Pacific Northwest will remain the only territory covered for use. They also said that given the Seahawks’ branding shift, the new agreement is mostly for “‘incidental use’ as it relates to the team’s fan base.”

The Seahawks announced the new agreement on Twitter: