Adam Jude (5-1)

Ravens 34, Seahawks 32. While it seems illogical, if not downright insane, to pick against Russell Wilson right now, the Ravens present unique challenges on both sides of the ball — with Lamar Jackson’s ability to break a defense with his arm and his legs, and with Baltimore’s ultra-aggressive pass rush. And Earl Thomas, no doubt, will come in with something to prove, hoping to show the Seahawks that he hasn’t lost his edge.

Larry Stone (4-2)

Seahawks 24, Ravens 21. Of course it’s going to be close – the Seahawks know no other way. And it’s going to be highly charged, with Earl Thomas making his return to Seattle with the Ravens. I went back and forth on this one. Lamar Jackson will be a huge challenge for the Seahawks defense, but in the end I gave the slight nod to the home team.

Matt Calkins (3-3)

Ravens 26, Seahawks 24. Last week I promised rhyming if the Seahawks beat the Browns. I was sure I’d beat my coworkers, all of which are clowns. But they were right and I was wrong, so I’ll give them their due. I’ll be on top Sunday, though — Baltimore by 2.

Week 1

Condotta: 27-10 Seahawks

Jude: 27-16 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-14 Seahawks

Week 2

Condotta: 24-20 Steelers

*Jude: 27-24 Seahawks

Stone: 20-17 Steelers

Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 3

Condotta: 23-19 Seahawks

Jude: 17-16 Seahawks

Stone: 30-7 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-20 Saints

Week 4

*Condotta: 31-13 Seahawks

Jude: 24-16 Seahawks

Stone: 20-13 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-23 Cardinals

Week 5

Condotta: 31-27 Seahawks

Jude: 38-35 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Rams

Week 6

Condotta: 30-23 Seahawks

Jude: 28-27 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-26 Browns

* = closest score