Bob Condotta (6-3)

Seahawks 27, Rams 23. Can the Seahawks really run their road winning streak to seven games this season? At this point there really seems no reason to doubt. The Rams showed last week they are still a talented and dangerous team, and maybe the blowout of Arizona will have gotten Los Angeles back on track. But Seattle just seems to keep finding a way each week, and here’s to thinking Russell Wilson and company will do it again.

Adam Jude (11-1)

Seahawks 34, Rams 31. Trailing by two touchdowns early in the fourth quarter, Russell Wilson leads another furious charge, capped by a Jason Myers field goal in the final moments, giving the Seahawks an improbable win and the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Larry Stone (8-4)

Seahawks 30, Rams 21. My new prognostication strategy is to just follow Adam Jude, who is 11-1 picking Seahawks games this year. Adam has Seattle winning on Sunday, so who am I to argue? Plus, the Seahawks are a flat-out better team than the Rams. That doesn’t mean they won’t falter on the road, especially after a short week, but Mr. Jude doesn’t think so, so I don’t either.

Matt Calkins (5-7)

Seahawks 24, Rams 21. Russell Wilson doesn’t seem to know how to lose when playing in prime time. And with the division title and potential No. 1 seed in the NFC in their sights, the Seahawks and their revitalized defense have everything to play for. Plus, the Seahawks have never lost this year when I’ve picked them, so please send thank you notes to

Week 1

Condotta: 27-10 Seahawks

Jude: 27-16 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-14 Seahawks

Week 2

Condotta: 24-20 Steelers

*Jude: 27-24 Seahawks

Stone: 20-17 Steelers

Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 3

Condotta: 23-19 Seahawks

Jude: 17-16 Seahawks

Stone: 30-7 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-20 Saints

Week 4

*Condotta: 31-13 Seahawks

Jude: 24-16 Seahawks

Stone: 20-13 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-23 Cardinals

Week 5

Condotta: 31-27 Seahawks

Jude: 38-35 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Rams

Week 6

Condotta: 30-23 Seahawks

Jude: 28-27 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-26 Browns

Week 7

Condotta: DNP

Jude: 34-32 Ravens

Stone: 24-21 Seahawks

*Calkins: 26-24 Ravens

Week 8

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-21 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

Calkins: 23-22 Falcons

Week 9

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-26 Seahawks

Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-14 Seahawks

Week 10

Condotta: 28-17 49ers

*Jude: 27-26 Seahawks

Stone: 23-20 49ers

Calkins: 24-14 49ers

Week 11


Week 12

Condotta: 24-20 Seahawks

*Jude: 21-20 Seahawks

Stone: 23-19 Seahawks

Calkins: 31-28 Eagles

Week 13

Condotta: 27-24 Vikings

*Jude: 31-25 Seahawks

Stone: 27-23 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Vikings

* = closest score