Bob Condotta (2-2)

Seahawks 31, Rams 27. This has all the makings of a shootout — remember that the two teams combined for 131 points in two games last season, each won by the Rams, 33-31 in Seattle and 36-31 in Los Angeles. Those two games turned the tide in the NFC West. But the Rams don’t appear as stout as last season, and Seattle is at home and on a short week. This feels like another game when Russell Wilson makes a play or two at the end to win it.

Adam Jude (3-1)

Seahawks 38, Rams 35. If you’re still not sure just how good this Seahawks team is, you’re not alone. But we do know this: The Seahawks shine in prime time. Under Pete Carroll, Seattle is 17-2 at home in prime time and 8-1 in Thursday night games. We know this too: Jared Goff can’t play in the rain. And with rain showers in the forecast, let’s go ahead and set the over/under for Goff fumbles at, oh, 12.

Larry Stone (2-2)

Rams 30, Seahawks 27. The Rams have won the last three games in this series — including a 42-7 romp in 2017 that signaled a changing of the guard in the NFC West, and two agonizing losses by a combined seven points last year. The Seahawks are going to have to prove to me that they’ve progressed far enough (or the Rams have slipped far enough) for a different outcome. I’m not quite ready to buy in.

Matt Calkins (3-1)

Rams 27, Seahawks 24. The Rams are better.

Week 1

Condotta: 27-10 Seahawks

Jude: 27-16 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-14 Seahawks

Week 2

Condotta: 24-20 Steelers

*Jude: 27-24 Seahawks

Stone: 20-17 Steelers

Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 3

Condotta: 23-19 Seahawks

Jude: 17-16 Seahawks

Stone: 30-7 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-20 Saints

Week 4

*Condotta: 31-13 Seahawks

Jude: 24-16 Seahawks

Stone: 20-13 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-23 Cardinals

* = closest score