Seahawk QB Russell Wilson told graduates of the University of Wisconsin on Saturday that 'When life tells you no, find a way to keep things in perspective.' Wilson spent his last year of college at Wisconsin.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson turned commencement speaker Saturday, giving the address at the University of Wisconsin, where he spent his last year of college.

Wilson’s message to grads centered around the theme of what to do when life tells you no.

Wilson recounted numerous times in his life when he was told that he couldn’t do something.

Wilson said his first charge to graduates when life tells you no is to “ask yourself honestly, what am I capable of?”
His second is that when life tells you no, stay ready. “Always be ready.”

And the third is that when life tells you no “find a way to keep things in perspective.”

Wilson’s speech largely revolved around his life and career before joining the Seahawks (you can read the entire text here).

But he made one joking reference to the end of Super Bowl XLIX.

“Of course, I’m also here to share some things I’ve learned,” he said. “Things like: If you’re dating a woman that’s way out of your league, ask her to marry you. If you can throw a football 80 yards, for some reason people think that’s pretty cool. And if you’re playing New England in the Super Bowl and you’ve got 26 seconds left and you’re down by four and it’s second and goal on their one-yard line, try not to throw an interception.

“That last one is purely hypothetical, though, of course.”

Wilson also later helped lead the traditional Jump Around dance.

Wilson wasn’t the only Seahawk taking part in a commencement ceremony this weekend.

Coach Pete Carroll, the coach at USC from 2001 to 2009, spoke at the USC Marshall School of Business ceremony for graduate students.