Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said Thursday he feels "way better'' than he did prior to the team's bye.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said the bye week had its hoped-for effect on his sore ankle and knee.

“Feeling great,” Wilson said when he met the media before Thursday’s practice for his regular weekly press conference — his first since the 27-17 win oat New York on Oct. 2. “Feeling way better. Just getting better and better every day, every week, which is a great thing. Feeling good.”

Wilson was feeling good enough that he even cracked a joke about one of the more, well, interesting products he has endorsed through the years — Reliant Recovery Water. Wilson said that eating and hydrating well has been a key part of his rehab from the high ankle sprain suffered in week one against Miami and sprained knee suffered in week three against the 49ers.

“The nutrition factor, eating well and also hydrating well, it’s a big part,” he said. “Maybe it’s the nano bubbles, who knows.”

He laughed as he finished the sentence, capturing the mood of what was an upbeat press conference,

Wilson said he spent some time in California during his week off, but that he maintained his rigorous rehab schedule throughout.

“It’s the same zealous approach to rehab,” he said. “Being energetic about it, also just continuously being on top of it, every morning and every night, during the day. It’s been great.”

That has included rehabbing all night long — specifically, icing the knee and ankle and also stretching. Wilson, who a few weeks ago said he was sleeping just two hours a night so he could rehab, said he sets his alarm at times during the night to assist in the rehab process.

“The purpose is to stay on top of it, have the same approach,” Wilson said. “Keep continuously getting better, continuously getting stronger. I feel great, though.”

Just how great, Wilson wouldn’t say. Asked if he could say he’s back to normal, Wilson smiled and said “I don’t know. You’ll have to see on Sunday.”