Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said Thursday he expects to play Sunday against the Saints despite battling both right pectoral and knee injuries that had him limited in practice on Wednesday.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appeared more eager to talk about the news he will soon be a new father on Thursday rather than his new injury.

Both, though, were dominant topics when he met the media for his regular weekly press conference before practice.

Wilson revealed on social media Tuesday night that his wife, Ciara, is pregnant with the couple’s first child. The two were married July 6.

The Greatest Blessing of All. Forever Grateful. #BabyWilsonOnTheWay

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“It’s obviously an exciting thing,’’ Wilson said. “Obviously for me and C it’s exciting, it’s a blessing, that’s for sure, and to have a child is amazing, probably the biggest miracle there is in the world. So I’m excited about that.’’

The excitement to play Sunday at New Orleans may be on a different level of importance. But Wilson said he’s looking forward to marching in on the Saints Sunday despite battling both a right pectoral and knee injuries that on Wednesday had him listed as limited in practice.

Asked if there is any chance he doesn’t play Sunday, Wilson said “that’s not the plan. You know me — I’m going to do everything I can to be ready at the highest level.’’

If that maybe sounds a little less certain than Wilson usually is, all indications are that Wilson will be fine and play as usual on Sunday.

Wilson suffered the injury at some point in Sunday’s 6-6 tie at Arizona — he said he couldn’t remember when though he said a fourth-quarter sack by Chandler Jones that caused a fumble was a play that contributed — and that he played through it in the later stages of the game.

“Any time you have a pec injury, it’s a little funny,’’ Wilson said. “It’s not crazy, crazy bad or anything like that. Just treating it as much as I can and trying to be smart this week. It says limited on practice –– I don’t know what it is to be considered limited, just try to be as smart as I can and do as much as I can and be smart about that.”

Later, asked how concerned he was about the injury, he said: “Not concerned, not concerned crazy or anything like that.”

Wilson said he particularly felt the injury in the 24-48 hours after the game Sunday night and said he is now “just working that soreness out and trying to feel great.’’

Wilson said he could throw as hard as would be needed, but that he would likely dial things down in practice this week. “I can definitely throw if I needed to, throw hard if I needed to,’’ he said. “We don’t play until Sunday, obviously, which is a good thing.’’

Wilson joked that at least he was no longer dealing with the ankle injury he suffered in the season opener against Miami — the injury report lists only the knee and the pec.

The knee, though, also continues to be an issue, and Wilson made an interesting admission about the MCL sprain he suffered in a week three game on Sept. 25 against the 49ers.

“Obviously I’ve had a relatively serious injury with my knee,’’ he said. “They told me I wasn’t supposed to play for four weeks, maybe longer. You just overcome it. I’d be lying to you to say my mobility is 100 percent. But I feel really good right now.’’

Wilson had never been listed on an injury report prior to the week one injury against Miami.

But Wilson said he has simply considered the season as another challenge to face head on as he has others throughout his career.

“You don’t play this game thinking you’re never going to get dinged up or injured,” he said. “I think that you always have some times when you get a little bumps and bruises, you get an ankle here and there. I’ve had some tough ones. The great thing is being able to overcome them. I look forward to overcoming the storm. That’s kind of my mental thought process on it.”

It’s part of a philosophy he has often credited as being instilled by his father, Harrison, who died in 2010 from complications of diabetes.

His father, he said, is often on his mind now that he will soon have a child of his own.

Wilson said he recently told some coaches and teammates “if I can just be half the dad my dad was to me, I’m doing something pretty good. So I just think constantly loving and constantly being there. I’m a step-dad, too,  (to Ciara’s 2-year-old son with rapper Future) so it’s the same thing. You just love unconditionally and love at all costs.”