In a Facebook Live segment Tuesday, quarterback Russell Wilson said he thinks the presidency of Donald Trump is getting out of hand and may not last all four years.

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In five years in the NFL, Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson has generally tried to step carefully around political issues.

But in a Facebook Live segment Tuesday, Wilson delivered some strong thoughts about the presidency of Donald Trump, saying it’s “getting out of hand.’’

Wilson’s roughly four-minute statement came as he was getting his hair cut and began with him commenting on the “thing that’s going on’’ with Trump becoming president and new policy regarding immigrants.

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“Despite anybody’s political issues or views, everybody has a right to choose who they want to vote for,’’ Wilson said. “But this thing is getting out of hand — getting out of hand, people.

“Just so you know, I voted for Hillary (Clinton). But when you think about it’s only been two weeks right? Or even less (someone interrupts to say it’s been 10 days). We’ve got to attack this issue here. So basically, I think that when you think about all the negativity that’s happened within a 10-day period, however many days it’s been, it’s already too much. It’s already crazy. It’s already affecting people’s hearts and souls and lives in such a negative way, in my opinion.

“ … We go to LAX (Los Angeles) airport and there are people all over the place fighting for their lives and protesting and all the protests that have gone on, all the protests that have gone on in the African-American community, obviously the Muslim community, too. If we are going to be a nation that says we are equal, we have to be equal. Obviously being smart and all that kind of stuff. But you also have to be able to treat people fairly, have to be able to love everyone. And I know from even my own faith, the Christian faith, you still have to love everybody, no matter what our issues are, we still have to find ways to love people and care for people, and so I think that’s the thing that’s been crazy already.

“I don’t even know if he’s going to be able last four years, in my opinion. You don’t want to wish bad upon anybody because if he doesn’t last four years that means that something went wrong. So hopefully nothing goes wrong anymore than what it’s already doing. But it’s just been a crazy 10 days already and you know. .. ’’

Then Wilson looked into the camera and said loudly “Barack (Obama)! Come back Barack! Come back!’’

Wilson also referred to the handcuffing of a young child as “just sad.”

“Now you kind of recognize that people’s feelings are getting hurt, people’s lives getting changed, people are getting sent back or not let in back home to see their families for reasons that may not be worthy,” Wilson said. “Just because you believe in something or you’re from a certain place doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.”

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