Seahawks QB Russell Wilson says he'll still wear a knee brace for now but that the middle-of-the-night treatment sessions have ended now that he is getting healthy.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has never been one to want to dwell long on mistakes.

And true to form, when he met the media Thursday Wilson was ready to move on from last Sunday’s 14-5 loss at Tampa Bay when his two interceptions helped account for what was the second-lowest passer rating of his career, 38.8.

“We were just a little bit off,” Wilson said. “Last week was last week. You can always get better, that’s always the case every week. We’re always looking for new things to improve on and what we can make happen. We have to be better on third down and we have to find ways to make plays and we will. That’s the thought process right now. Everybody has a great conviction going into this week, we’re pumped up about the opportunity to play a great football team. Their record doesn’t show it as much in terms of the Panthers, but they have great football players and they’ve been playing hard at a high level and playing tough. All their games have been pretty close. We know it’s going to be a battle.”

What’s becoming less of a task for Wilson is his game-week preparation.

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Wilson was not listed on the injury report Wednesday for the first time since spraining his ankle in the opener against Miami.

“It’s a good thing,” Wilson said. “The trainers have done a great job helping me get back and all that. It’s been a process but it’s been a part of the journey and you take one day at a time.”

Wilson revealed that as he has gotten healthier the last few weeks, his daily routine has changed a little bit. Gone, specifically, is waking up in the middle of the night for treatment.

“It’s probably, I guess the second week, something like that, right around then,” that the treatments have stopped, Wilson said. “I’ve been running around, obviously without my knee brace so that’s been good. Feeling strong and all that. I wore it last game and I’ll probably wear it again this game too, just to be smart. We don’t have much left to go so we just want to be smart.  I think, like I said, I’m feeling great.

“I always do extra stuff, even before I was dinged up there. Pretty much, not as much crazy hours, not every hour and a half waking up. Pretty much constantly through the night, all the way up until I go to bed, just icing and rehabbing and all that stuff. I’m feeling really good right now, I’m feeling strong. The good thing is I’ve been able to lift more and get back into the weight room. I’ve always been in the weight room, but just lifting, squatting, all that stuff. Before with my knee and my ankle it was a little tough to do that stuff so I had to find different ways to do stuff. I think that’s crucial too, to continue to allow my legs to feel fresh. I felt great last week running, obviously. My legs felt strong and fast and I think that’s a big part of it, too. It’s been a good week for sure.”