Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson said he's "definitely'' feeling better this week than he did last week as his sprained ankle continues to recover.

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What Russell Wilson calls the “battle” to recover from his sprained ankle may not be totally over.

But Wilson said Thursday everything is trending in the right direction as he prepares to play his second game since suffering a high ankle sprain against Miami on Sept. 11.

“I’m definitely feeling better this week,” Wilson said. “Last week was a battle, but getting a little bit better every day and every week. That’s the goal. The trainers are doing a great job and just the mentality of doing everything I can and just to heal up as best as I can and to move quickly.”

Wilson last week famously said he was sleeping only two hours a night in his attempt to get ready for the Rams. Wilson wouldn’t say if he’s sleeping more this week but indicated things are going a little more smoothly.

“When we played the Dolphins, obviously got injured there,” he said. “Then as soon as the game was over, it was just nonstop treatment. I didn’t really sleep much last week, at all. I don’t really sleep much anyways, but didn’t really get much sleep last week just because the mentality was that I wanted to get out there and play, no matter what, and find a way. I think a lot of things are, in this world and this life, and when it comes to professional sports, is just the mentality that you approach things with. Trying to be mentally tough and having intrepid mentality. Just going into situations with the idea that I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

Wilson also stuck to his stance that the injury didn’t change much of anything in last week’s 9-3 loss to the Rams.

But he said he thinks the offense is close to breaking tbrough.

“We’re not far away,” he said. “That’s the exciting part. You just take one game at a time, one play at a time, one practice at a time, one meeting at a time, and just continue to learn as much information as you can.”