Russell Wilson revealed Friday just how close he came to suffering a broken jaw last week against Arizona.

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson insists he wasn’t concussed when he took a hard hit to the jaw in last Thursday’s 22-16 win over Arizona, though the NFL continues to investigate how the team handled the league’s concussion protocol after he was sent off the field for a play.

But Friday he revealed that the jaw injury he suffered was far more extensive than realized at the time. The injury occurred when he was hit in the chin early in the third quarter by Arizona’s Karlos Dansby, who received a personal foul penalty for roughing the passer and was also fined $18,231.

Wilson had to wear a mouth guard that he referred to as “a splint” for the rest of the game and for about three more days as he got his jaw realigned, during which time he said he could not eat solid food.

“Basically, the game was on Thursday, so Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I was pretty sore,” he said. “Tons of ice and treatment and all of that, so I feel good now. … the first two-and-a-half, three days, I couldn’t really eat anything. I was just doing smoothies and all that kind of stuff.”

Wilson also said it made it hard to talk.

“It was very hard to talk,” he said. “It hurt pretty good.”

Wilson said the jaw was briefly displaced but not broken.

“No, I didn’t (suffer a broken jaw),” he said. “I got images and everything like that, sure enough I was lucky. It was pretty close; doctors were like ‘Man, any harder, we’d probably have to wire your mouth shut.’ So that was a good thing that it didn’t happen.”

The NFL said Friday that the investigation into how Seattle handled the concussion protocol continues with no set time for when it will conclude. Wilson left the game for just one play and said later he was examined after the series — he played two more plays after returning before the series ended.

Wilson said Friday he didn’t want to go into details of that aspect of the incident with the investigation ongoing.

“Yeah, I think that the league has to do what they have to do,” Wilson said. “And obviously, it’s really important for player safety and everything like that. I was completely fine; my jaw just got busted up pretty good, as you guys can see. We’re cooperating and doing everything we can to make sure that we do it the right way, and that’s how we always try to do it. That’s all . …. (Referee) Walt (Anderson) did a good job, everything was fine, so we’ll talk about that with the league and stuff like that.”

Wilson was listed on the injury report this week with the jaw injury.