Do you have questions about the Seahawks, their latest roster moves, injury updates, playoff outlook and more? Bob Condotta answered reader Seahawks questions in a live chat Tuesday. Here are the highlights.

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After getting roughed up in last Thursday’s 22-16 win, the Seahawks get a much-needed extended break before their upcoming game against Atlanta on Monday Night Football.

With Richard Sherman out for the year nursing a ruptured Achilles, the Seahawks brought back cornerback Byron Maxwell on Monday to fill out a depleted secondary. They also will likely get Earl Thomas back this week, but the outlook is still cloudy for other players, including Kam Chancellor.

Things are heating up in the NFC playoff race, and Seattle has no shortage of tough opponents coming up — as five of the team’s seven remaining opponents have a winning record.

Bob Condotta answered reader Seahawks questions in a live chat Tuesday. Here are the highlights.

Q: Do you think the Seahawks would have been better off if they signed TJ Lang?

A: Boy, I’d need to maybe do some calculations to see what they wouldn’t have been able to do if they had. Lang would have cost $9 million or so, right? So maybe they don’t do the Sheldon Richardson trade. Would Lang be enough of an upgrade to offset something like that?Lang has been hurt a little bit and has missed two games and is dealing with a concussion — injuries often more of a factor for older players. I sort of think Seattle might have dodged a little bullet there.

Q: What is your assessed probability of being SB champs this year?

A: Hmmm. I’d say it’s a little lower than it would have been a few weeks ago given some of the injuries and that I am beginning to buy in to the idea that the Eagles, Saints and Rams are all pretty darn good. I saw one thing today that listed them at 6 percent. I think I’d go a little higher than that, but maybe not a whole lot.

Q: Well Bob, Sherm’s out, running game is non-existent, is the sky truly falling, or do you think we still have a legit chance at the Lombardi this year?

A: The overall defense and Russell have me still thinking there’s a chance. As I wrote after the game Thursday, it’s really hard to know how it’s going to look without Sherman since we have never really seen it. Arizona was no test of that with a backup QB who we also now know was hurt, and receivers who couldn’t catch a cold on that night. But Atlanta will be a really good test — hopefully not too good.

Q: Is Cliff Avril healthy enough to work out right now?

A: We have not gotten a lot of specifics on Avril which I think is in part at the request of Avril. So I have not heard specifically. He obviously cannot practice. He is usually there watching during the option portions of practice. And it’s worth remembering he didn’t get a concussion, so it’s not like he can’t run or things like that. So I would imagine he is doing all the normal basic conditioning. The real issue with Avril is if it’s an injury that can heal well enough so that there is not additional risk of something worse happening if it were to reoccur. That is always the concern with neck things. He could have a surgery to fix it some, but then there are questions about flexibility and how long the rehab is, and if at his age it’s worth it. So I think there has been a lot to sort out. Carroll’s answer on his radio show Monday seemed to hint that maybe there has been some resolution that they just aren’t ready to say yet. We’ll see. From a strictly football standpoint there is no rush since he’s on IR and couldn’t come back until mid-December at the earliest anyway.

Q: What’s the latest on Duane Brown’s ankle?

A: We’re all probably going to need to wait a few days for anything definitive there. Carroll said Monday that he likely won’t practice until later in the week, if then. So this could be one of those deals where they go most of the week leaving it kind of up in the air. But we’ll see. Maybe Brown gets out there this week and feels good and is ready to go. The team returns today from what has been sort of a mini-bye and won’t hold a really significant practice from a physical standpoint until Thursday.

Q: Your thoughts on how Michael Whiloite has fit in? Seems like he was guilty of not setting the edge a couple of time earlier in the season.

A: He’s had enough injuries and all that I’m not sure he’s been in enough of a week-to-week rhythm to make much of a real impact. But they play that position so infrequently anymore, as well. I’d say he’s been okay but not a difference maker in any regard.

Q: I know Pete will never say never on the run game….but with the way Russ and the receivers are going right now, can the short passing game take over for the run game?

A: You can never just not run it. They are already throwing it more often than any year since Carroll got here in 2010. But you can’t just give up on the run. But if it continues to not be successful they will have no choice but to keep throwing it more.

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