Seahawks punter Jon Ryan deleted his Twitter account after a testy exchange with a fan concerning the shooting in Orlando.

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Punter Jon Ryan has long been one of the most active Seahawks players on social media.

But Ryan has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts following a contentious exchange with a fan concerning Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando.

A follower asked on Instagram, “Where in the bible does it say it’s ok to be homo sexual? (sic).” Ryan responded: “Please unfollow me. You’re a terrible human being … please stop cheering for the Seahawks. We don’t want piece of (expletive) fans like you. Thanks.”

Ryan, though, then deleted his Twitter account, which had recently been cited by one ESPN writer as the best follow among Seahawks players.

Ryan is engaged to comedian Sarah Colonna, who referred via Twitter to Ryan’s deletion of his account several times.

“As I watch @JonRyan9 delete his Twitter & Instagram ‘because people are defending a terrorist, a murderer,'” she wrote, “how can I argue.”