The Seattle coach also said Michael Bennett never read a book in meetings last year.

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Colin Kaepernick is still in play for the Seattle Seahawks, coach Pete Carroll said during the team’s annual predraft news conference Monday.

That was one of several personnel updates provided by Carroll and general manager John Schneider as they met the media before the beginning of the draft Thursday.

Here are the highlights:

Kaepernick could still be an option: Carroll reiterated what Schneider said last week, that the team has not closed the door on any options at backup quarterback, including Kaepernick. It was reported earlier this month the team was ready to invite Kaepenrick in for a visit but postponed it when he would not say if he would continue to sit for the anthem. Seattle has since signed Stephen Morris and Austin Davis to compete for the backup QB job behind Russell Wilson. Still, Carroll said he wouldn’t rule out another backup — including Kaepernick — could still be signed.

“We’re still battling on all fronts on all guys,’’ Carroll said. “Still looking at guys and evaluating. There are still free agents that we are looking at. We have kind of one through the information gathering and we kind of have a pretty good feel for where we are. It’s ongoing. We are not done with that decision at all. We’re still watching him.’’

Carroll also downplayed that the anthem situation played a significant role in the decision to for now not bring in Kaepernick for a visit.

“I think that got blown up like that was a big marker,’’ Carroll said. “I think we have been working at this thing for some time now so I don’t think that really is as telling as it came across. We’re aware of him. He’s a fine football player and there may be a place for him. We’re not sure about where that fits just yet.’’

Asked specifically about the importance of Kaepernick’s stance on the anthem, Carroll said “I think he’s continuing to work on the stuff that’s really important to his heart. That’s what it looks like. He’s been recognized with an award just recently. Everything’s important. We take everything into account to make the decisions that we make. It’s no different for the quarterback spot than any other spot we’re considering.”

Chancellor to have more scans in late June or early July: While there is nothing definitive yet on the status of injured safety Kam Chancellor, there is at least finally a date when there could be more known.

The team has said several times that Chancellor continues to get scans taken on his neck to assess his health and if he has a chance to return to action and Schneider said on Thursday that the next scan will come in “late June, early July.’’

So that means the team should have a better idea of Chancellor’s future when training camp starts in late July.

Chancellor suffered a neck/spine injury last Nov. 9 against Arizona and it’s unclear if he will be able to play again.

Carroll says Michael Bennett never read a book in meetings: A report last week stated that the veteran defensive lineman would bring books to meetings last year because he had already heard everything Carroll had to say.

Asked about that Monday, as well as a comment of Richard Sherman’s that Carroll’s message had also begun to become routine to veterans, Carroll said “Mike never brought a book to a meeting, I can tell you that. The thing I would tell you about that is that we have been through a lot around here. We’ve grown tremendously together and all that. Changes are inevitable and sometimes guys can’t hang with what is expected for one reason or another, their growth and development and all that. The best thing I can tell you is they are not here.’’

Nothing new on Malik McDowell: While there was a report last week that the Seahawks could be close to waiving second-year defensive lineman Malik McDowell he remains on the roster. And Carroll and Schneider said Monday there is nothing new — that there is no indication that McDowell can play in 2018 but nothing yet decided on what will happen if he cannot.

“We’re waiting to see what happens and we’re hoping we get good information soon,’’ Carroll said. “Unfortunately—I’ve said this to you guys 100 times it seems like—we don’t have anything new for you. We don’t have an update that makes us a call how we’re going to deal with this yet. It’s not available to us. We just have to keep waiting. We can’t expect that he’s there at this point until we get him back. We’ve got to get him back in the building where he can work and all that, and right now we don’t have the opportunity to tell you that.”

Said Schneider: “There’s a lot of stuff we can’t get into, sorry. There’s a lot of things. It’s a really unfortunate situation, on both sides.”