The Seahawks are representing their chosen causes on customized cleats for the NFL's "My Cause, My Cleats" campaign this weekend.

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The Seahawks’ players will be wearing customized cleats designed by local artists showcasing causes close to their lives during Sunday’s home game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s a fun aspect to the game,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Monday of the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign. “Players have fun with it. You can see how much fun the players are having with demonstrations and stuff. It’s a good lively part of the game. I haven’t declared what I’m doing yet, in case you were wondering.

Carroll aside, check out some of the Seahawks’ cleats for “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign below.

Wide receiver Tyler Lockett — Light It Up Foundation

Safety Bradley McDougald — Make A Wish Foundation

Linebacker Austin Calitro — Breast cancer awareness and mental illness awareness

“I’m doing two causes. One’s for breast cancer. My grandmother had it three times and beat it all three times. The other one is mental illness awareness. My sister actually got diagnosed with one five years ago. She’s all good now. She’s doing better. But I just wanted to bring those two (causes) attention to hopefully get people talking about it and becoming more aware of it.”

“It’s really cool (to be able to take part). I don’t think you realize until you get here, the impact that the Seahawks organization (makes).” — Austin Calitro

Wide receiver Jaron Brown — Make A Wish Foundation

RB Mike Davis — Prostate cancer awareness

DE Rasheem Green — Skip, INC

DE Branden Jackson — American Diabetes Association

Running back Rashaad Penny — Autism awareness


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“I did the autism, because my younger cousin was diagnosed with it when he was young. So he’s been a big inspiration in my life and I was always around him when I was young until I was out of high school.”

“(The campaign) shows that NFL players also have a different view on life, that we think of other things as well beyond just playing football. I think it brings out who we are as a person too.” — Rashaad Penny

DT Jarran Reed — Alzheimer’s and diabetes awareness


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WR Caleb Scott — Haiti Child Sponsorship

WR Malik Turner — Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Awareness

S Tedric Thompson — Youth Justice Coalition

“I chose (this cause) because I’ve got a couple family members and close cousins that are in prison right now. Their living conditions are bad. They’re being mistreated. So that’s a real struggle, seeing them go through that. Now that they’re in there they’re able to talk to me and tell me certain things that are going on in the outside world that I can try to help with, like trying to keep the kids off the streets and keep them out of gangs and things like that.”

“It’s huge, man. It’s huge (to represent this cause), because it’s something I always wanted to do when I was growing up, coming from the inner city. Coming from where I come from, I always wanted to give back, because I just love where  I come from. I think I’m the man I am today because of the way mom raised me, the way my cousins that are in the penitentiary raised me, and my grandma. I just love where I’m from, so I just want to give back to it.”

WR David Moore — Brain cancer and neurofibromatosis awareness

“I met a little boy. His name is Matthew and I met him when I was in college. He has NF. It causes him to have brain tumors. I did that for him. He’s a real fighter, man. I just love being around him. He’s an inspiring kid and he just keeps fighting every day. He just brings joy to my heart, so that’s why I did it.”

CB Tre Flowers — Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness

“I did Alzheimer’s and dementia (awareness). Bot of my grandparents suffered from it. My grandma passed and my great grandma had Alzheimer’s too. So it’s something that I want to let people know that they’re not alone in it. A lot of people are affected by that disease.”

“It’s amazing. I was talking to my mom about it. I feel like one of the things I love to do is share, and I want to give back to others and give a person someone to talk to, and if they want to reach out to me they can.”