After being heckled at school in Panthers territory, the young fan gets encouraging messages from Bobby Wagner, as well as other Seahawks, Pete Carroll and the fans.

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Just days after posting a photo reaching out for support from his fellow Seahawks fans, Ade’s call has been answered in a big way. The Seahawks players and coach Pete Carroll sent Ade a package on Saturday complete with signed footballs and four tickets to Sunday’s divisional playoff game against the Panthers.

The Seahawks players and Coach Carroll just sent us a box full of awesome stuff and this message: "On behalf of…

Posted by Heather Lewis on Saturday, January 16, 2016


As the Seahawks prepare for Sunday’s NFC divisional round playoff game against the Panthers, one South Carolina native is standing his ground in support of the Hawks.

Meet Ade, a 7-year-old Seahawks fan who wears his green and blue beanie with pride every day at his school in Charleston, S.C. But in the heart of Panthers country, Ade’s classmates have not taken kindly to the hat or the Seahawks. As his mom, Heather, pointed out on Facebook, Ade has been heckled and booed at school.

Ade’s response? “I don’t care if you like them or not. I do.”

After receiving backlash in his hometown over his Seahawks beanie, Ade wanted a little positive reinforcement from his fellow Hawks fans. His mom wrote on Facebook how “awesome” it would be if 10 people liked her post to show Ade he wasn’t alone in his Seahawks pride. As of now, that post has 146,043 likes, 13,339 shares and 24,081 comments showing love and support for Ade and the Seahawks. Looks like the 12s took notice.

I just picked up my 12th man from school!!!

Posted by Heather Lewis on Thursday, January 14, 2016

In addition to the support from his fellow fans, even the Seahawks players have reached out to Ade. Linebacker Bobby Wagner posted a video for Ade, defensive tackle Jordan Hill video messaged the young fan directly and coach Pete Carroll voiced his support on Twitter.

Ade and Jordan Hill!!

Posted by Heather Lewis on Thursday, January 14, 2016

“If anyone tries to pick on you, we’ve got your back,” Wagner said. “Don’t worry about it.”

Ade’s mom Heather later wrote, “I’m so tearful over the incredible amount of support shown. #GOHAWKS!!!!”

You can bet Ade is wearing his Hawks hat with more pride than ever these days. And if anyone gives him guff, they’ll have a 241-pound linebacker to answer to.