How much would you pay for a pair of Pete Carroll's shoes?

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The Seahawks have faced a bevy a difficult decisions this offseason. From sifting through potential draft picks to managing the salary cap, it’s been months of painstaking deliberation for the team.

But perhaps the most polarizing debate has surrounded coach Pete Carroll — specifically what shoes he’ll wear this season. OK, so maybe it’s not that that big of a deal, but the coach did have some fun with the decision on social media.

Carroll tweeted on May 2nd, asking fans to weigh in on his footwear for the season. And while some fans were in full support of sticking with the old-school shoes he called “Air Paternos,” some Seahawks players had some strong opinions on the matter.

To add to the buzz over Carroll’s kicks, the coach even entered a signed pair of his sneakers in an auction to raise money for “A Better Seattle,” a group that focuses on eradicating gang violence in the city. The current asking price for the game-worn shoes is $735.