Believe it or not, there was more for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to talk about today other than just adding Jadeveon Clowney.

Here are highlights:


Defensive end Ziggy Ansah practiced again Monday and Carroll said it went well.

“He practiced last week, he’s practicing this week,” Caroll said. “He’ll have two weeks under his belt. Which is one more than Jadeveon’s got. But for Ziggy, he practiced and worked out with us, worked out with us hard all through camp, and did a really good job through the process, he’s in really good shape and he’s ready to go. He’s well ahead of where we can tell at this point for JD (Clowney), but we’ll see.”

Ansah and Clowney did some running together after practice. Clowney said the two don’t really know each other but each also know they have to get in football shape since neither has played in a while.


Carroll said rookie receiver DK Metcalf practiced on Monday, 13 days after he had minor knee surgery, and seemed to indicate there’s a chance Metcalf plays Sunday.

“He looked good today,” Carroll said. “He had a fantastic recovery. If you can imagine, it was just a couple weeks ago. Fantastic recovery. He looked great out there and today, he was running. He practiced with us throughout the practice.”


Metcalf being healthy would give Seattle six available receivers. Seattle has seven on the roster at the moment, but David Moore remains out indefinitely after suffering a broken humerus bone.

“Nothing is going to change for a while,” Carroll said of Moore. “He had a crack in his shoulder, so he’s just got to wait it out. He feels pretty darn god. That’s the problem with it. It’s not hindering him in anyway and there’s no displacement. Like I said, he’s going to feel like he’s ready to play in a week or so but he’s not going to be able to. We’ve got to wait it out.”


The release of Shead was another move that caught some by surprise, though it also had seem far from a given that he would make it given some of the young players at safety the Seahawks obviously like.

The Seahawks played Shead substantially throughout the preseason, mostly at safety but also some at cornerback.

As a vested veteran, Shead’s contract would be guaranteed if he were on the roster week one. So, he could be brought back later and paid by the week, essentially. But for the moment, it’s not clear that’s the main issue here. Instead, the Seahawks have lots of young players in the secondary that for now, they wanted to keep.

But Carroll said today what you’d expect — that the team knows Shead is there and could always reach out to him if they need him. And while Carroll didn’t say it, that could be necessary if, say, Marquise Blair’s hip point issue continues to flare up or something similar.


“There’s always a chance,” Carroll said of Shead’s return. “He is a fantastic team member and I hated not being able to keep DeShawn around. He’s such a great competitor and versatility and playmaking and all that. We just couldn’t get it done. The chance of him coming back is, we would love to have him back if the opportunity arises.”

As for Blair, he practiced on Monday. But as Carroll noted, he was able to practice last week, as well, and then could manage only five snaps against the Raiders before his hip pointer made it so he couldn’t continue.

“He went today,” Carroll said. “The concern is, we made it to game time last week and we played him and then he got jolted and kind of started up a little bit. He came out of it really well; he was good the next day. Maybe he’s over the hump. We’ll see. It’ll take us all week to figure that out. We’d love to have him active.”

So could Shead be insurance if Blair has issues again? Certainly. We’ll see what happens.


Projected starting left guard Mike Iupati remains a big question mark for Sunday as he continues to deal with a calf injury. Iupati earlier had a foot injury and did not play in the preseason.

Carroll made it sound as if not to expect Iupati against the Bengals Sunday, which would mean Ethan Pocic starting, instead.


“Mike’s competing for it,” Carroll said. “He’s going for it; we’ll see what happens. If you talk to Mike, he’s going to say he’s going to get ready to go, so we’ll see what that means. We need to be careful, we need to make sure we get him back and keep him back, so we’ll figure it out.”

Carroll confirmed it’s the calf that is now the biggest issue.

“It’s really the calf what we are waiting on,” Carroll said. “We have been slow in the process with his foot to make sure that that was returned, and it looks like that’s fine. Now it’s just figuring out if he can withstand really how long he can stay out there and work on it. He can do most of everything right now, but we’ve got ensure that he can stay out there and sustain through the game.”


Seattle’s other trade of the weekend was to deal a conditional seventh-round pick in 2021 to the Jets for cornerback Parry Nickerson.

As expected, Carroll said the plan is to use Nickerson at nickel.

“We’re going to see if he can play the nickel spot,” Carroll said. “We’re anxious to see it. He played a lot of snaps last year. I could see him on film and see him do the things we’re looking for. You can’t help but to see the similarities from when we got J.C. (Justin Coleman, acquired in a trade with New England in 2017 and then a starter the last two seasons) a while back, and they looked very similar about this time in their careers. We’ll see what he can do with him, we’re excited though. He’s really fast, he’s aggressive, and I’ve seen him do all of the things our guys have to do on film, so there’s no guess work there. It’s just helping him understand and letting him compete, and we’ll see what happens.”



Shaquem Griffin’s health seemed a big issue following the final preseason game when Carroll said Griffin would have an MRI to determine why his bruised knee continued to bother him — he was unable to play on defense against the Raiders.

But Griffin was back at practice Monday and for now, he appears on the mend (and that he appears to be okayplayed into the decision to waive fellow linebacker Austin Calitro).

“Yeah, he went well today,” Carroll said. “I think he practiced hard today. I think he’s, again, it will come back to him returning but if he makes it back on Wednesday and he’s going, I think we are in good shape.”


  • First-round pick L.J. Collier, out the last month with a high ankle sprain, practiced on Monday but it’s still unclear if he’ll be ready this week. “L.J. did a really nice job of getting out there today,” Carroll said. “He was on the practice field working. He’s on his way back.”
  • C/G Joey Hunt is out of a boot but it’s unclear when he will be back from a high ankle sprain. “He’s still stiff and working,” Carroll said. “We’ll see if it’ll take him a bit. I don’t have a timeline on that.”
  • And DT Jarran Reed now must be away from the Seahawks for six weeks to serve his suspension for violating the league’s conduct policy. “He’s on his own now,” Carroll said. “They really have to be separate from the program so we will have no contact. We have plenty of time to discuss that and map it out and all that so everybody knows what’s going on. We’ll see him six weeks from now.”