Bob Condotta (6-4)

Seahawks 31, Panthers 24. The Panthers are reeling, having lost five in a row, star quarterback Cam Newton and their coach, Ron Rivera. They looked like a team that had given up during their loss to Atlanta last week, but something tells us they will keep this one competitive and it will turn into the usual Carolina nail-biter. The guess here is that the result will be the same as it usually is, too, with Russell Wilson giving his team the plays at the end to pull out a much-needed bounce-back win.

Adam Jude (11-2)

Seahawks 28, Panthers 19. For as good as Christian McCaffrey has been — and he’s been really, really good — I can’t see the Seahawks getting beat by a young QB who has lost five in a row. Plus, this Carolina defense is one of the worst in the league — especially against the run — giving the Seahawks a nice bounce-back opportunity and a chance to clinch a playoff berth. They won’t squander this.

Larry Stone (8-5)

Seahawks 27, Panthers 19. At the beginning of the season, this looked like a daunting game for the Seahawks. But that was before disaster befell the Panthers, who are a team in utter disarray. The Seahawks didn’t do much last week against the Rams to inspire confidence, but they have lucked upon the right opponent to get themselves back on track.

Matt Calkins (5-8)

Panthers 21, Seahawks 20 — I finally joined the chorus of Seattle Times homers in picking the Seahawks last week, which provided them with disastrous overconfidence. This week I’m saying Christian McCaffrey picks up 200 yards of total offense as Carolina pulls off the upset.

Week 1

Condotta: 27-10 Seahawks

Jude: 27-16 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-14 Seahawks

Week 2

Condotta: 24-20 Steelers

*Jude: 27-24 Seahawks

Stone: 20-17 Steelers

Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 3

Condotta: 23-19 Seahawks

Jude: 17-16 Seahawks

Stone: 30-7 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-20 Saints

Week 4

*Condotta: 31-13 Seahawks

Jude: 24-16 Seahawks

Stone: 20-13 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-23 Cardinals

Week 5

Condotta: 31-27 Seahawks

Jude: 38-35 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Rams

Week 6

Condotta: 30-23 Seahawks

Jude: 28-27 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-26 Browns

Week 7

Condotta: DNP

Jude: 34-32 Ravens

Stone: 24-21 Seahawks

*Calkins: 26-24 Ravens

Week 8

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-21 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

Calkins: 23-22 Falcons

Week 9

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-26 Seahawks

Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-14 Seahawks

Week 10

Condotta: 28-17 49ers

*Jude: 27-26 Seahawks

Stone: 23-20 49ers

Calkins: 24-14 49ers

Week 11


Week 12

Condotta: 24-20 Seahawks

*Jude: 21-20 Seahawks

Stone: 23-19 Seahawks

Calkins: 31-28 Eagles

Week 13

Condotta: 27-24 Vikings

*Jude: 31-25 Seahawks

Stone: 27-23 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Vikings

Week 14

Condotta: 27-23 Seahawks

Jude: 34-31 Seahawks

Stone: 30-21 Seahawks

*Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

* = closest score