Bob Condotta (9-5 overall, 1-0 postseason)

Packers 21, Seahawks 17. Is the road going to finally end here? Seattle has overcome the odds and challenging circumstances time and again this season. But a healthy and rested Green Bay playing at home and in its own comfort zone may be too much to overcome. The Seahawks simply have to get a pass rush on Aaron Rodgers to have a chance, but that might be tough unless the Seahawks get big games from some banged-up players, such as Ziggy Ansah and Jadeveon Clowney.

Adam Jude (13-4 overall, 0-1 postseason)

Seahawks 22, Packers 19. Everything is set up nicely for the Packers, who are playing at home, after a bye, with subfreezing temperatures in the forecast. It should be the end for the Seahawks … which is exactly why they’ll win. They have defied convention and logic so often this season, and the Seahawks will do it again Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

Larry Stone (11-6 overall, 1-0 postseason)

Packers 20, Seahawks 17. The Seahawks have risen up on the road all year, but this task is just a little too daunting — especially for a team that’s far from full strength. The magic of Russell Wilson and the will of Marshawn Lynch could forge another road triumph, but this shapes up as an agonizing exit for the Seahawks.

Matt Calkins (6-11 overall, 0-1 postseason)

Packers 27, Seahawks 7. My inbox is full of requests for me to pick against the Seahawks, which pretty much guarantees a Seattle victory. I will indulge such requests for the sake of this city’s morale. Russell Wilson will continue to struggle at Lambeau Field, the running game will be nonexistent, and Aaron Rodgers will dazzle. Now sit back and watch the Vegas line move 7 points in the Seahawks’ favor.

(Illustration by The Sporting Press / Special to The Seattle Times)


Week 1

Condotta: 27-10 Seahawks

Jude: 27-16 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-14 Seahawks

Week 2

Condotta: 24-20 Steelers

*Jude: 27-24 Seahawks

Stone: 20-17 Steelers

Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 3

Condotta: 23-19 Seahawks

Jude: 17-16 Seahawks

Stone: 30-7 Seahawks

*Calkins: 21-20 Saints

Week 4

*Condotta: 31-13 Seahawks

Jude: 24-16 Seahawks

Stone: 20-13 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-23 Cardinals

Week 5

Condotta: 31-27 Seahawks

Jude: 38-35 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Rams

Week 6

Condotta: 30-23 Seahawks

Jude: 28-27 Seahawks

*Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-26 Browns

Week 7

Condotta: DNP

Jude: 34-32 Ravens

Stone: 24-21 Seahawks

*Calkins: 26-24 Ravens

Week 8

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-21 Seahawks

Stone: 24-10 Seahawks

Calkins: 23-22 Falcons

Week 9

Condotta: DNP

*Jude: 31-26 Seahawks

Stone: 30-27 Seahawks

Calkins: 24-14 Seahawks

Week 10

Condotta: 28-17 49ers

*Jude: 27-26 Seahawks

Stone: 23-20 49ers

Calkins: 24-14 49ers

Week 11


Week 12

Condotta: 24-20 Seahawks

*Jude: 21-20 Seahawks

Stone: 23-19 Seahawks

Calkins: 31-28 Eagles

Week 13

Condotta: 27-24 Vikings

*Jude: 31-25 Seahawks

Stone: 27-23 Seahawks

Calkins: 27-24 Vikings

Week 14

Condotta: 27-23 Seahawks

Jude: 34-31 Seahawks

Stone: 30-21 Seahawks

*Calkins: 24-21 Seahawks

Week 15

*Condotta: 31-24 Seahawks

Jude: 28-19 Seahawks

Stone: 27-19 Seahawks

Calkins: 21-20 Panthers

Week 16

Condotta: 30-22 Seahawks

Jude: 44-41 Seahawks

*Stone: 24-21 Seahawks

Calkins: 30-20 Seahawks

Week 17

Condotta: 24-17 49ers

*Jude: 23-21 49ers

Stone: 28-17 49ers

Calkins: 28-24 49ers

NFC wild-card round

Condotta: 27-23 Seahawks

Jude: 19-17 Eagles

*Stone: 22-15 Seahawks

Calkins: 21-18 Eagles

* = closest score