The Seahawks will face plenty of tough defensive lines besides the one the Dolphins have. But the offensive line was able to hold up during the final, crucial drive.

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The Dolphins have a good defensive line, and that’s important to remember. But so do the Rams and the Panthers and the Cardinals. The point is, the Seahawks are going to play plenty of teams that have good defensive lines, and in their first test of the season, the Seahawks’ offensive line struggled.

Russell Wilson was under pressure for most of the game, even when the Dolphins just rushed four. The Seahawks averaged just 3.5 yards per carry. Miami got pressure and disrupted the Seahawks along the line.

But on the final drive, the offensive line gave Wilson enough time to sit in the pocket and connect on some big throws, none bigger than the 22-yarder Wilson completed to Doug Baldwin on fourth and four. On that play, Wilson had time to sit and wait for Baldwin to get open as he worked his way across the middle of the field.

Seahawks 12, Dolphins 10