Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable said the team's offense has to play better than it did in Sunday's 12-10 win over Miami.

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Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable said Wednesday what might have seemed obvious to just about everybody watching Sunday — the offense will have to play better going forward.

“I thought offensively we were just okay,” Cable said. “Just okay.”

And what needs to happen now?

“I think just improve,” he said. “To go out and do that the first time is pretty cool against that front, but there’s a lot of places to play better, more consistent.”

Here’s more of what Cable said:

On J’Marcus Webb at guard: “Still learning how to do it, which is a big improvement from last week. He had some struggles but I think he’s better this week for sure.”

On how difficult of a transition it is for J’Marcus Webb: “He’s got a year, all last year, playing guard. Way different system, so it’s a little bit more demanding of him and what we’re asking him to do.”

On how Miami’s front is different than the Rams: “They’re similar. These guys are maybe a little more active, but big powerful people. This whole month is kind of this way with all those teams we’re playing. It’s a really good opportunity to learn and grow a whole bunch.”

On whether they need to account differently for Aaron Donald: “No, you have to play good when he’s on you but you really can’t system wise. If you do that then you’re exposing someone else.”

On how the two tackles — Garry Gilliam and Bradley Sowell — played: “Okay. Just okay. They both know that you have to play better than we did a week ago.”

On how Thomas Rawls played: “Just kind of coming back, he’s going to go this week and have a little bit more of the load. I didn’t think either one of them did anything really negative. It was kind of like, little, little, big, little, little, big. We’d like to see if we could improve that a little bit, too.”

On whether he expected Thomas Rawls to come back with some more fire: “It would have been cool if that happened, let’s call it like it is. We just have work to do, everywhere on the offense, from one tackle to the other, from the receivers to the back to the other back to the quarterback.”

On whether Justin Britt continued his strong preseason play: “Yes. He and Mark [Glowinski] were outstanding.”