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Doug Baldwin jumped in to interrupt Tom Cable again on Wednesday.

But this time he did so with a smile and a different purpose — to illustrate clearly that their brief sideline disagreement on Sunday which led to Baldwin shoving Cable — was a dead issue.

As Cable was about 90 seconds into his usual weekly meeting with the media Wednesday, Baldwin burst in and put his arm around Cable and raised a thumb and smiled.

“Hey buddy,” Cable said back.

Baldwin quickly departed, point having been made for what the two hope is the last time.

Baldwin spoke at length after Sunday’s game saying he was”100 percent” at fault for the incident in the second quarter when he pushed Cable as Cable began talking to the offense in a sideline huddle — Baldwin apparently thought it was quarterback Russell Wilson’s turn to talk, instead.

The incident came shortly after the Seahawks had failed to score on 10 plays from the 10-yard-line or closer, epitomizing a first half of frustration in which Seattle trailed the Giants 7-3 despite having gained 222 yards to just 42 for New York.

The hard feelings ebbed quickly as Baldwin and Cable talked on the sidelines and then again as they walked to the locker room at halftime, Cable putting his arm around Baldwin. The two each came to Seattle in 2011 and later Baldwin talked of his tight relationship with Cable.

Cable, who was making his first comments on the issue on Wednesday, reiterated that he considered the incident just a football heat-of-the-battle thing that ended quickly.

“Oh no, too much love for that kid,” Cable said of if he could stay mad at Baldwin long.

Of the incident itself, Cable said: “I think it’s a player competing and and a coach competing to keep everybody together and not get out of whack. As you could see at that time we were kind of headed there. We were doing so many good things — if I remember right, 49 plays, 220-some yards and you just have three points. And so you really want to just stay on it and yet make the plays, the scoring plays that are available to you. So it’s frustration and it’s good that they care. And so I didn’t think anything of it. I think it was great. I think Doug handled it beautifully and we are done with it.’’

Cable went on to say “there is no issue like that. Especially with someone like Doug and I. It’s been a long relationship that’s really strong.’’

Cable said he barely reacted at the time because “I was more focused on what was at hand than that.’’

But he confirmed that the halftime talk the two had sorted it all out.

“Absolutely,’’ Cable said. “There was no issue there. And again that’s a young guy competing his tail off and a coach competing to keep everybody together and not get out of whack because really you saw we were doing a lot of cool things and we are not getting the ball across the goal line. So I think the level of frustration for everybody is we were a guy short or a play short or a block short or a throw-and-a-catch short and you see us growing right now. So this is a good problem to have. We want to continue to press the gas and continue to get better and when it comes together it should be really fun.’’

And just in case you needed one last convincing that Cable considered it a dead issue he finished one final answer saying “I think the world of him. There is no negative.’’

So there you go.