Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said he saw some steps forward in Sunday's 12-9 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

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The Seahawks’ offense has been questionable during the first two games of the season, scoring just one touchdown and 21 points.

Wednesday, it was offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s turn to answer questions about where things stand with the offense heading into Sunday’s game at Tennessee.

Here are highlights of what he said:

Opening: “Alright, headed to Tennessee this week.  Got a big task ahead of us. A really nice defense, really nice scheme, obviously Dick LeBeau’s a long time defensive coordinator in this league and the inventor of a lot of great defense, so we are going to have our hands full. It is something we will be prepared for. I think Tom [Cable] was just talking about really targeting, in particular with their blitzes, their fire zone package, their man package, I think we can do a great job in being able to pick up all the pressures they are going to give us in this game.”

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On how big is it for the quarterback to recognize the blitz:  “It is great communication between the center and the quarterback. They have to be on the same page. As long as all of us are on the same page, there is times where there will be a guy free, but the quarterback knows that that guy is going to be free on him and that is just really important. If it is one of those where the quarterback thought one thing and the line did something different, that is not a great deal because then he won’t suspect that guy. It is important for them to communicate and be on the same page and we have done that really well so far and we need to continue to do that.”

On there being a greater amount of things to prepare for when prepping for a Dick LeBeau defense (LeBeau is the coordinator for the Titans:)  “There is probably a little bit more to it. He presents so many different packages, obviously they are 3-4 base defensive team and there is all the things that come with that. When they end up going in their nickel package, they could play from 4 down, they can play from 3 down, they get up those defensive ends, their outside backers and they put them as their ends and then they will start walking them around and moving them all kinds of different directions. Then they stunt off those packages as well. It is going to be a big onus on us to all be targeted correctly, be communicating clearly so we will be able to pick it up. But it is a lot of really good stuff.”

On thoughts on the 49ers’ game: “I think it is something that we can look at the tape and we can see that we are improving. There is things we are working on every single week and you can see things that we are getting better at.  Like I said, we are targeting really well. There is no question about our effort and how the guys are playing, they are playing definitely hard. But we got to make our plays when we get opportunities to make plays and there is a couple plays in the red zone that really changed the game, gave us the opportunity for a couple touchdowns early and then the kicking game is a lot different.  Then there was another catch on a big third down conversion that extends another drive.  Those are big plays that got to be made. You can go back to the first drive, you know the first drive, we were making really nice plays, we were moving the ball all the way down the field and when you are making those plays, drives continue to get extended. We improved in some areas, we are targeting well, 3rd down we improved in that area, but continue to pick away each and every week.”

On how much it is impacting Jimmy Graham’s game that he has to help more on pass blocking: “Well we are trying to move the protections all over. I mean it is definitely something that is a factor. You can see that there are times when we can’t get a tight end out, but we need the help, so we are mixing it in.  We can’t do it all the time because you can also throw defenses to defend against that as well. It is something that we are mixing up. You saw last week, we had a lot of misdirection, make it style plays, we had a lot of play action passes as well and then different kind of drop backs, where everybody is out, where we got guys chipping and helping because we need to move the protection around as much as we can.”

On being encouraged by the running game and the way the Seahawks finished the final drive: “Yeah, there were a few plays early that really could have changed it a little bit if we hit them a little bit different or finished or stayed up on a couple blocks as well, but I’m really excited the way we finished the game. To be able to take that clock off and not put the defense back out there again was really good for us and something we can really build on. We have done that a few times in the preseason as well. That is something that we have done pretty well, it’s nice to have us out on the field for a long time. We got a lot of plays in the game. We just didn’t make enough hay on some of those other opportunities.”

On much during a game is the coaching staff discussing whether or not to go up tempo and the last drive going up tempo and how did it help: “We talk about it all the time.  There was a couple other times during the game that we had talked about it, but we sped up different tempos.  You know, the one third down conversion, I think it was a 3rd and long, we had [Amara] Darboh, we sped up the tempo there on them and we were able to get a nice play out of it on the conversion. But that specific drive was the whole drive pretty much that we stayed in it. But our tempo when we are moving the ball, our tempo is pretty good. We are getting out of the huddle quickly, we are getting on the line of scrimmage quickly, you can see them sometimes trying to get lined up quick enough to match our tempo, so that improved us. We improved in that area because we converted third downs and we had longer drives and we could extend them. But the one drive you are talking about, we definitely changed it and stayed in it the whole time.”